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Hrafna-Flóki (Raven-Flóki) was the first known Norseman to move deliberately lock, stock and barrel to Iceland in the 9th century. He had heard tales about the lovely island in the far west. It was believed to be extremely fertile and awash in green pastures. No tales of glaciers, snowstorms or volcanoes. Surely, those telling the tales must have made a mere stopover on a particularly nice summer's day. The island went by the name of Garðarshólmi and Flóki wanted a piece of it. He sailed from Western Norway, via the Shetlands where he lost one daughter due to drowning.
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From the massive ice cap Vatnajökull, there are many glacier tongues. On the south side, they form a fascinating landscape when you are driving the Ring Road in Iceland. Falling hundreds of meters in between cliffs and mountains at such a slow speed that it is impossible for the human eye to capture the movement.
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Stories related to Lómagnúpur have been around for a long time. One of the oldest one is from the famous Saga, Njála. One of the main characters, Flosi who originally came up with the idea to burn Njáls farm, lived at Svínafell farm near the Svínafell glacier. In one of his dream, he saw a giant walk out from the mountains as it opened and named 25 men out loud, that ended up putting the flames to Njal's farm. After that, he walked back into the mountain.
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The cliffs around the waterfall are former sea-cliffs when the shoreline was by Skógarfoss but has now moved five km south. On the eastern side of the waterfall, you'll find steps to the most popular hiking routes in Iceland, towards the Fimmvörðuháls pass. Once there, you are halfway to the beautiful Highland oasis of Þórsmörk. Hiking the Skógaheiði moors, you will be amazed at the sheer number of waterfalls and rapids adorning the Skógá River. Indeed, there are 22 of them, each more beautiful than the other. It is really a feast of waterfalls.
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For quite some years, Vatnajökull has been melting at a rate of one meter per year. Some of the glaciers tongues have been melting even faster. But, Iceland has seen periods of warmer climate before (during the Middle Ages) where glaciers receded, only to reshape into their former glory when a cooler period sets in.
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The second ice-cave, Crystal Cave, is much bigger and quite popular among our visitors. It is a breathtaking sight to walk the large cave with its blue color above you and the transparent layer of ice. You can't help thinking if there is something stuck in the ice from another century. Possibly an old Viking that got lost centuries ago and the glacier has protected. It is simply a very unusual place to visit and a very rare sight.
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