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Check out this movie to see why #Hitachi’s latest #wheelloaders are creating a stir…

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A Hitachi ZX19-5 mini excavator has been selected to complete a challenging utilities project in southern Poland. Contractor FHU Elkop’s decision to invest in the Zaxis-5 model is a significant one in its history, as its first-ever Hitachi machine. The excavator has proven to be the ideal choice owing to the confined space on site and the delicate nature of the work involved.

Positive feedback

Established in 2006 by owner Zbigniew Jedlina, Elkop was commissioned to remove old meters and install a new network of electric cables at a holiday camp near the village of Olza. Due to the high numbers of visitors to the site during the high season, an initiative to upgrade its provision of electricity meters was necessary.

Zbigniew was keen to identify a machine to help him complete the project on schedule, and alerted to the advantages of owning Hitachi machinery by an associate: “I made the decision based on positive feedback from one of my acquaintances, who recommended the reliability of the ZX19-5.”

He has also been impressed with the support from Tona, Hitachi’s authorised dealer in Poland. “The machine is performing to a high standard, and I have been hugely satisfied with the assistance from Tona. They really understood what I was looking for in a new excavator, and I receive fantastic support from them.”

A superb machine

The mini excavator has been designed to provide the ultimate in operator comfort and optimise performance in confined spaces. Safety is also upheld by the redesigned cab, which offers greater all-round visibility. On site, communication between the operator and his co-workers has been made easier due to the design of the ZX19-5’s front window. This can be fully opened as and when required.

The introduction of the ZX19-5 has pleased its operator, Andrzej Durczont, who says, “This is my first time in a Hitachi mini excavator, and I’ve been very impressed by how well it operates in tight spaces. Not only is the cab extremely spacious, but the visibility is excellent. Overall, the Hitachi mini excavator is performing really well, it is easy to manoeuvre and we can completely rely on it. It is a superb machine.”

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Recycling company Leal & Soares SA, the owner of the SIRO brand, has introduced a new Hitachi medium excavator to its unique production process. The ZX300LCN-6 is used to move 100,000m³ of compost material per week at its 12-hectare site in Mira, west Portugal.

SIRO (Sistemas Integrados de Reciclagem Orgânica – Integrated Systems for Organic Recycling) develops the compost from forest residue – mainly from pine bark – to be used in organic substrate and compost production. Its broad range of products includes substrates and fertilisers, as well as decorative pine bark and ornamental stones for reservoirs and lakes. With an additional production facility in Spain, SIRO is one of the main pine bark exporters in Europe.

The Zaxis-6 excavator was delivered in April 2016 by Portuguese dealer Moviter with a larger than standard 3m³ bucket. This is due to the light density of the materials, which are stacked in numerous piles around the yard. SIRO’s first new Hitachi machine is an extension to the fleet as the maintenance of the piles was previously carried out by one of its wheel loaders.

Productive and fuel efficient

“We considered other brands, but after testing the Hitachi for a week, we were convinced that this was the best machine,” explains SIRO Director/Chairman Carlos Soares. “We have also had a positive experience with a used Hitachi excavator, which has given us many years of reliable service.

“We selected the ZX300LCN-6, as we felt that the volume of work was suitable for this size of machine. After using a wheel loader for the same job, this was a natural and important step for us to take.

“The most important criterion was the capacity and the new machine will be more productive and fuel efficient. We are happy with our investment – it is doing exactly what it is supposed to and helping us to meet our objectives.”

Fast and precise

Operator Vitor Santos says it is a very comfortable machine and easy to operate. “We can go higher up the pile with the excavator than we did with the wheel loader, as it is stable and therefore feels safe,” he explains. “I now spend more time on top of the piles than anywhere else and this enables me to move larger volumes from one side to the other.

“We needed a machine that was fast, precise and offered excellent visibility for this job. It has already satisfied all of these requirements and without doubt the high swing speed is its most impressive feature.”


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Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV (HCME) has introduced the latest phase of Zaxis-6 excavators and ZW-6 wheel loaders. They have been designed and engineered using market-leading Hitachi technology in Japan to meet the demands of European customers.

The new models share high-quality design elements and materials, reliable and durable components, and have been designed to offer outstanding versatility. They have been launched under HCME’s “No compromise” marketing campaign – which emphasises how owners can “demand more” from the new Hitachi -6 products, including the lowest possible cost of ownership.

Zaxis-6 crawler excavators

The Zaxis-6 range of crawler excavators includes five new medium excavators, from the ZX130-6 to the ZX210LC-6, and two new large excavators, the ZX690LCH-6 and ZX890LCH-6. Also introduced are the new ZX240LCN-6 (a narrow undercarriage makes it easier to transport on smaller roads) and the short-tail swing models, ZX135US-6 and ZX225USLC/USRLC-6 (ideal for working in confined spaces).

These models incorporate more than 200 redesigned features and enhanced components. To comply with EU Stage IV regulations, they are highly efficient and have a smaller impact on the environment than previous versions. They are equipped with a unique Hitachi hydraulic system, which reduces total hydraulic loss and helps to lower fuel consumption by up to 12% (ZX190LC-6 in ECO mode).

They are also fitted with an after-treatment device that results in fewer emissions. Noise levels are also reduced by the device, which consists of a DOC, SCR system and silencer. The SCR system injects urea through a mixing pipe into the exhaust gas to reduce nitrous oxide.
Other updates include the in-cab console, made of highly durable AES-grade resin that resists damage from UV rays, durable connections on the hydraulic return pipes to reduce oil leaks, wide opening engine covers for easy access, and reinforced covers on the platform walkway for safety.

Zaxis-6 wheeled excavators

Hitachi has also launched four new Zaxis-6 wheeled excavators, including the new short-tail swing model, ZX145W-6. These machines have been designed with more than 100 updates, from tiny seals and O-rings to the reinforcement of the upper structure, boom and arm, and new Stage IV technology engines. These improvements combine to provide better performance and increased efficiency.

They share an improved hydraulic system that helps to lower fuel consumption and proven after-treatment technology to comply with the latest emission regulation requirements. They also offer the same exceptional versatility as Zaxis-6 crawler excavators with an attachment support system for the easy fitting of different attachments. The solid and reliable undercarriages, modular in design, also enhance their flexibility. For greater durability, the Zaxis-6 wheeled excavators have reinforced, larger cylinder covers, and high ground clearance to reduce damage from obstacles.

ZW-6 wheel loader

The latest ZW-6 wheel loader to be presented is the ZW180-6. It has been designed to provide exceptional all-round visibility, thanks to the repositioned exhaust pipe and air intake and curved engine hood, and with a standard rear-view camera and monitor. Easy to use and smooth to operate, it offers a high level of comfort and is one of the quietest on the market.

With substantial loading capacity, powerful digging force and impressive travel speeds, it is also extremely fuel efficient. Its Stage IV-compliant engine contains a high-volume, cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system, a common rail-type fuel injection system and a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC). This helps to reduce fuel costs and maintenance requirements.

Burkhard Janssen, General Manager, Product Management & Engineering at HCME, says: “We are proud to introduce the latest phase of -6 machines to our customers. These models have been developed to perfection in Japan, using market-leading technology, to meet the needs of the European construction industry and offer the lowest possible cost of ownership.”

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A Norwegian waste-handling company has invested in a fleet of ten Hitachi wheel loaders and excavators. Lindum AS made the significant purchase following a successful machinery demonstration from Nasta, the country’s authorised Hitachi dealer. The company placed an immediate order, with six ZW180-5 wheel loaders forming the majority of the acquisition.

Lindum is overseeing a period of steady growth, and needed to identify a fleet of reliable construction equipment to support its ambitions. The company also requested new ZX300LC-6 and ZX225USLC-5 medium excavators, a ZX170W-5 wheeled excavator and an additional ZW310-5 wheel loader.

Established by the city of Drammen, Lindum is a municipal enterprise that handles domestic and industrial waste, contaminated soil, and treats hazardous material. It also produces biogas and organic fertiliser. Founded in 1997, Lindum operates across multiple locations in Norway’s Buskerud region, with its central hub located near Drammen itself.

The seven wheel loaders were delivered in April 2016, with the other three units staggered over subsequent months. While a ZW180-5 and a ZW310-5 were kept back at the main recycling centre, the other five ZW180-5s were distributed to Lindum’s smaller satellite sites. These serve nearby communities, such as Sande and Mjøndalen.

At the main site, the ZW180-5 is being utilised for a variety of tasks in the domestic waste area. In addition, the ZW310-5 is being used to mix topsoil, compost and other specialist fertilisers. Elsewhere, the ZX300LC-6’s durability makes it highly suited to the demanding task of refining pollutants and sewage.

Before making the purchase, operator feedback was also essential to Lindum’s Managing Director Pål Smits. “It was important for us to hear what the drivers thought about the Hitachi machines,” he says. “We actively sought their opinions, and they are more than happy with our collective decision.

“I am confident that over the next five years, we will be able to keep the total cost of ownership to a minimum. The service from Nasta has been first-class, and every machine was delivered on time and to specification. Its expertise and technical knowledge have been invaluable, and we will seriously consider renewing our fleet with them again in the next five years.”

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Check out the #precision of this #Hitachi ZX19-5 mini #excavator

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The #Hitachi ZX350LC-6 has been designed to deliver high levels of #productivity. See more in our new movie.

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#Hitachi’s new Zaxis-6 #excavators are #durable and #productive

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This #Hitachi ZW310-6 #wheelloader is a powerful performer

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How does ride control technology work on Hitachi's dump trucks? Watch this video and find out!
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