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Accounting Manger needed - Central Maine.
Leadership role with opportunity for advancement within a short time frame.
Basic requirements:
Bachelor’s Degree required, Accounting or Finance major preferred
CPA or other relevant advanced degree a plus
7+ years of experience in a process manufacturing industry
3+ years of supervisory experience
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Maine company providing web-based Software as a Service. May likely triple is size this year!

This highly successful company needs talented programmers with strong team/collaboration skills asap to help rebuild applications with advanced functionality and security features. Other projects involve large-scale automating data collection and reporting.

General skill set needed: MVC, C#, Angular, SSRS/IS, JavaScript, REST API. . . Agile experience a plus.

Outstanding management team and healthy, collaborative work environment.

Will need to live in ME or NH and be willing to work on-site at least 3 days/week. Salary depends on experience.
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 12+ month, on-site contract. The application you will be working on is a hosted service that provides customers with real-time access to live customer support. The application is deployed both in Amazon cloud and at their data center. Strong problem solving and analytical skills a must. (Should be able to answer non-software related analytical questions during interview process) 2+ years of diversified development experience using high-level dev language(s). You will be working in/learning Java... so a .net or Java background is preferred.
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Simple job hunting tip: NEVER email your resume w/o a relevant  subject and a personal greeting. If your message is generic it will likely be ignored, or deleted. Speak directly to the job like it's THE job you want. Show some enthusiasm and take ownership - don't be just another 'job seeker'. Would you mail a resume w/o a cover letter? would you walk into a room and just hand someone your resume without saying hello or introducing yourself? 'Smile' and be genuine when you email - it may be the one and only chance you get! 
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These strategies are OK, but need qualification and tweaking... but they do get you thinking about ways to answer the dreaded question... Contact me should you want to drill into detail.
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A word of warning when following links to unknown job portals, from
Marcus Wennrich
Bilingual (German/English) Business Intelligence Analyst

I see in other groups the same as I saw here, someone is offering ten positions in something, it really doesn't matter in what, I saw it in all kind of groups, and many people just follow a link no matter what.
Please when the link looks weird, or ends in something else than .com, check where it really comes from.
A real company will show it's name and who it is.
A real company doesn't use godaddy or other providers.

The last one I saw here got deleted after I pointed out that it looks fishy, still someone after me didn't even read my posting and might have applied to this fake posting.

So when you follow a link that offers you great positions, make sure it is not a fake page that just wants your information for I don't know what.
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A recent survey found that almost 85% of job seekers post their resume when visiting career sites. Surprisingly, less than half of those job seekers return to edit or update their resume after posting it. If you're part of the majority who has your resume posted to a database, you may be surprised to hear that your resume isn't visible to most of the employers and recruiters who are searching for you. This is because many employers prioritize the resumes they view based on the posting date. This means that if you posted your resume several weeks ago, or worse, several months ago, your chances of having your resume reviewed are slim to none. 

Also:  be sure your resume includes accurate titles and industry specific buzz words that recruiters and HR Managers use when searching for candidates like yourself.
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Wishing everyone a nice weekend! Lots of sunshine in store for us here in New England. 

We have been very, very busy at HQR lately and we hope your 2014 is off to a great start as well. Be sure to contact us if there is anything we can do to help you with your career, or help you hire great IT staff!
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