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Understand , Live and preserve Hinduism

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Important information for our readers

Namaskar Dear Readers,
This page will be closing soon.

Please continue to receive invaluable #Hindu Dharma education related posts and current issues facing Hindus by joining us at <>

Warm regards,
FHA Team

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Interesting Facts : ** #Spiritual significance of #Jyotirlingas **

The rituals of Narayan-Nagbali and Tripindi shraddha are recommended to be performed at the Jyotirlinga places.

If you have any questions about Shraddha please visit:

#Hindu #Mahashivratri #Shiva #Hinduism #Spirituality #Shivling #Shivalingam #Sanatan #Dharma #Jyotirlingas #Jyothirlingas #Shivaling #Shraddha #NarayanNagbali #Tripindi

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Bhagyanagar, India: Some city folks were getting customised #Ganpati cakes, to celebrate and give it a modern twist !

Please avoid use of any Foul language so as to continuously maintain the Sattvikta of this Forum

HJS activists contacted the owner and asked as well as convinced him that making a Ganapati cake is wrong as per #Dharmashastras. It hurts #religious sentiments of Ganesh #Devotees !

Above is the result of the lack of #Dharma-Education (Dharmashikshan) amongst #Hindus ! O Hindus will you ever please Shree Ganesha by celebrating this way ! See more at:

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Sattvik diet: Benefits of #ghee made from #cow's #milk

One of the most important constituent of vegetarian diet is ghee.

- Ghee contains #Divine Principle and #Chaitanya. Hence it is protected from negative energies. However use of synthetic substances in the preparation of ghee or preparing it in a distressing environment, may attract negative energies from the environment to it.

- Ghee made from cow’s milk is most #sattvik, apart from it being used for consumption; it is also used in #ritualistic #worship.

Ghee contains Divine principle and Chaitanya - to see the subtle picture please visit the website:

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#Hindus bring back #Ramrajya !

Ramrajya is the only solution to all the problems. It can only be possible if Hindus wake up and destroy the Modern incarnations of Ravan. The attacks on the Hindu #Dharma are growing from the Christians, Muslims, atheists and all other anti-Hindus and yet Hindus are not retaliating. If the condition remains as it is then Hindu Dharma as well as Hindus will become extinct forever.

Keep in mind that changes do not occur by big miracles, but acts within the common man's reach.

You can serve Dharma with the time and the strength you have.

1. Protest against any #defamation of Hindu Dharma and take the effort to punish the guilty.

2. Start #Spiritual Practice by which you will get blessings of the #Deities and your mission would succeed.

3.To know of the various ways you can serve Dharma, by writing to us -

Have a blissful RamNavami!

#ShriRama #Ram #Rama #Hindu #Hindus #Chaitra #RamNavami #Sanatan #Hanuman

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Delhi, India: Chinese nomads have erected tents with the help of Chinese army inside Indian territory to protest against an ongoing irrigation canal work !

Please avoid use of any Foul language so as to continuously maintain the Sattvikta of this Forum

Chinese army has pushed its civilians to force us to stop work on a canal being built within our territory said BJP MP from Ladakh. This area is enroute to #Kailash Manasarovar in #Tibet which India has been requesting Chinese authorities to open as the #pilgrimage route from this area !

What #Hindus have to say about this protest by Chinese in Indian territory ? See more at:

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Hubli, India: Govt has issued notice to 7 ancient #Hindu #temples for demolition in the name of road-widening; but a mosque which is in the middle of the road, has been excluded !

Please avoid use of any Foul language so as to continuously maintain the Sattvikta of this Forum

A meeting was organized of Devasthan Samiti and pro-Hindu organizations against the policy of Govt administration ...

O #Hindus, Why only Hindu temples are easy targets in the name of development ? See more at:

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How are the #pitars in various forms of existence satisfied by the food offered in the ritual of the #shraddha ?

For the nourishment of the physical body, gross food is necessary. Deceased ancestors do not have the sheath of the physical body (annamaya-kosh) but have the mental sheath (manomaya-kosh) containing desires. Stomach getting full and becoming satiated are two different things.

As per the Science of Spirituality, getting satisfied is associated with the subtle body. The necessary subtle essence of food is carried to the deceased ancestors, in the form of Divine nectar if they are in Deity form of existence, as edibles if they are in the celestial being form of existence.

Read more

#Hindu #hindus #Ancestors #Spiritual Science Research Foundation

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O Parents, give your children meaningful names !

By naming children with anglicized words is a sort of admittance to slavery of Westerners. Are we still going to live as slaves, even after attaining independence? By naming children with anglicized words, we seem to overlook our own culture.

Read More @

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Canada: We need to join Harper and NATO on the front lines of the fight against Islamism !

Please avoid use of any Foul language so as to continuously maintain the Sattvikta of this Forum

The thirteenth anniversary of 9/11 is upon us and Harper’s prediction, made in 2011, has come true ...

It’s time for the rest of NATO and the USA to pay attention to Harper and gather the courage to challenge the ideology of Islamism, even if Turkey a NATO member ­objects. See more at:
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