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Check out the article for some of John Lennon's drawings from Yoko Ono. And you may say he's a dreamer. :)

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Thanks that was really awesome that you put that out that's so cool man as always I'm rockin from Cleveland your new friend Jerry rock on
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Himitsu Animo

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In NYC. Money's too tight to mention. :)

Derived from GSV ( for +Artistic Google's NYC + Berlin tour. Curated by +Jan McCartney +Rob Robinson +Jamal Masood and +Patrick Sheeran.
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Very cool. :)
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Newton in 90 seconds. :)
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Haha, awesome +Himitsu Animo ! We had to wait for Einstein to change some Newton's ideas, but not all his ideas.
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Himitsu Animo

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Going Punk for #tbt  :)
#nowplaying #np The Clash - The Singles (Full Album)
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Yeah, because London is calling.
Welcome. :)
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Himitsu Animo

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So, I've just wasted some time on this Pac-man game on +Google Maps. I guess this is their #AprilFools special this year (last year was a Pokemon hunt iirc). Careful, this can be addicting. ;)
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It's known who I am, +Himitsu Animo . I told everybody.
However my temtem circles still don't know me.
I'm enjoying being temtem.

: )
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Improv Imagination: Check out "The Real Housewives of Westeros" as told by Sansa Stark herself, Sophie Turner. "Winter may be coming, but I'm still hell hot."

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she's so funny! 
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Himitsu Animo

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Just a little Jiji for #Caturday . :)

"If you wake up tomorrow and find a white cat, it’s me."

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Dust kitty...
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She sure has her own unusual and distinctive style. Sounds good to me. :)
#nowplaying #np Pedestrian At Best - Courtney Barnett

put me on a pedestal and I'll only disappoint you
tell me I'm exceptional and I promise to exploit you
give me all your money and I'll make some origami honey
I think you're a joke but I don't find you very funny
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Works pretty well so far. Though I'm pretty much used to gesture typing now.

#Android #Handwriting  
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Pink Floyd + Edvard Munch?
= This cool little animation. A scream during that great gig in the sky. :)

via OpenCulture:
#pinkfloyd #edvardmunch
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Thank you dear +Himitsu Animo 
Wish you a Happy weekend friend.
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Almost time to resume counting! :)

#gameofthrones #GoT #ValarMorghulis   
Before the “Game of Thrones” Season 5 premiere, The Washington Post took a look back and noted every on-screen death from the first four seasons. Here are all 456 deaths in illustrated form, including who, how, why and where.
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Himitsu Animo

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Because they're cool. And kind of hypnotic. :)
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Love this very relaxing
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skipping stones, walking in circles, counting sheep
a real nowhere man,
sitting in his nowhere land,
making all his nowhere plans
for nobody
Bragging rights
I don't brag. ;P
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