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Hilmar Lapp
The more I learn the less I know.
The more I learn the less I know.

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An absolutely outstanding talk by open science advocate Dr. C. Titus Brown. 

Be sure to catch his reply to questions at 44 mins.  

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Post has shared content - just a few days left..Please pledge whatever you can to this grassroots campaign to rid the U.S. democracy of corruption. Deadline to meet the modest $5M goal is July 4.

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I wonder why they found easily recognizable seemingly more important than easily reusable.
The Plant Journal requests that all supplementary data are submitted in an "easily recognizable format such as EXCEL, PDF or WORD". This is a terrible idea, none of these formats are suited for data. I guess those nexus files are going to be PDFs, then? Sigh.

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.@github announces citable code, free private academic accounts, and recaps our open science hackathon!

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BOLD is really lax in sticking to community standards such as FASTA and Newick, requiring custom parsers to deal with their garbled output. Tsk.

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All stars deserved :-)
PCWorlds has reviewed Paperpile. We got five stars :)

"Paperpile is a reference manager that's worth its price, and will only get better from here."

"There are enough hardships in academic life without having to fight with references and citations, and Paperpile is the first service I’ve used that makes this truly painless."

"Sounds too good to be true? It did to me too [...]"

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That's too bad. The previous 7 years have been truly awesome each time.

The good news is that +Open Bioinformatics Foundation has been accepted, after having had to sit out last year. Yay!
Dear all.

Unfortunately, our application for this year's Summer of Code was rejected.

We realise this is a real disappointment. The SoC is not only a chance to get great students, but also gives us all an opportunity for new collaborations, and get more of an an insight into our respective specializations.

But don't give up now !  Many of the ideas that you (the NESCent mentors) posted on the NESCent GSoC 2014 page could easily fit the remit of one of the organisations that will be participating in this year's SoC.

To that end - I've added some links to the bio/science/math related organisations to help you repurpose your ideas if you'd still like to act as a mentor this year.

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