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Marketing that fits your business needs with SEO rolled into all aspects with the right team, the right truths, at the right time.
Marketing that fits your business needs with SEO rolled into all aspects with the right team, the right truths, at the right time.

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Talk on Google Tables via +Martin Hepp
I am sure you have seen Google Tables:

It seems to be mainly based on information extraction from tables in HTML.

Has anybody observed results that are extracted from markup in JSON-LD?

That would be a strong reason to add markup for multi-item pages.

The interesting thing with Google Tables is that I have seen some of the tables used in organic search results.

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Happy to report that the Google Merchant Center now supports and recommends JSON-LD for Schema Markup.

"We recommend you add new structured data markup with JSON-LD, separate from your HTML markup, especially if your product data contains variants." 

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Check the schedule for tomorrow's sessions:
"Stand out on Google Search using structured data and search analytics"

The must-see Google I/O 2017 talk for structured data aficionados. Description from the I/O site:

Learn how to make your site stand out on Search. Google increasingly uses structured data to understand a site's content and present better web results to users. This trend has created a growing opportunity for site owners to optimize their performance on Search. Find out how to measure the impact of implemented markup and diagnose potential problems, as well as how to choose the best markup for your site. Then, see examples of how Google uses markup end-to-end to create engaging and useful search results.

#structureddata #google #googleio

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Survey of 427 marketers reveals how many are using social media wrong. +Harvard Business Review
Almost by definition, the people who go to the trouble of finding a brand on social media will be its most devoted, and thus most valuable, customers.

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Google Map tips and tricks recommended by +Spencer Wade

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New product rich snippets in the Google Image Search results via +Aaron Bradley and +Kara Eccleston
Google officially unveils "Similar items" in image search

Following the introduction, in late 2016, of product information in image SERPs, Google has now extended the display of such item to display product information about similar items.

The “Similar items” feature is designed to help users find products they love in photos that inspire them on Google Image Search. Using machine vision technology, the Similar items feature identifies products in lifestyle images and displays matching products to the user.

The requirements for appearing as a "Similar item" are the same as those for generating product information in image search results: prescribed markup, including an image reference (

This was observed as a test recently, and to a certain extent Google's announcement is after the fact, as they refer to the feature as "recently launched". Here's a post by +Kara Eccleston of PMG describing the feature as spotted on 31 March 2017:

Yes, the timeline of Structured Data events has been updated. :)

#structureddata #imagesearch #products #google #schemaorg

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Here's a fun Friday poll: What do you dislike the most when browsing the web on your mobile device?

Here's a curated list of mobile mistakes we commonly see→

votes visible to Public
Poll option image
Getting redirected to the homepage
Waiting for slow pages to load
Being shown interstitials
Other—let us know in the comments!
Encountering unplayable videos
Getting redirected to the homepage
Waiting for slow pages to load
Being shown interstitials
Other—let us know in the comments!

Post has shared content version 3.2 released today.

See for details of important progress in several areas including educational courses, fact-check reviews, and menus.

Also many proposals have been added to the area for early-access use, evaluation and improvement. These include finance, from the FIBO community, geospatial terms, category codes and event series.

For the techies, the page also includes enhancements for those interested in obtaining machine readable descriptions of Schema terms.

See the page for fuller details.

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Surviving the machine revolution: how to become the digital marketer of the future

Normally I don't tend to share a lot of marketing related resources (after all, I'm #ThatMarkupGuy) but after having seen +Jono Alderson's presentation at Holland's biggest Digital Marketing convention, Friends of Search, I couldn't resist sharing his slide deck.

During what was the most info packed 40 minute presentation I've seen in a very long time (delivered at a speed that shouldn't be humanly possible) he explained exceptionally wel how both on- and offline marketplaces are evolving at an exponentially increasing velocity.

A presentation that should be wake-up call for anybody that isn't already busy trying to adapt to the new global reality.

I'll even go as far as to say that if you've still got trouble coming to grips with how fast global markets are changing you should find out if Jono will be giving this presentation somewhere else. And if so, book yourself a ticket to go listen to him.

#Disruption #MachineLearning #AIWithBoardVotingRights #ObsoleteGrayHairedOldMen
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