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Once again, The Zuck gets the last laugh!
By: Hillel Fuld (@hilzfuld) Everyone who is anyone in the world of technology and internet is talking about Facebook's new App Center.
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I hope their ranking/recommendation system works better than Hooked.
Is it going to work from within facebook app or will it available as a web app on the springboard?
It is a directory of apps that use facebook login that redirects you to the appropriate market to download. All it is is a spotlight for facebook login apps and for me hence a list of all the apps to likely avoid, particularly if they are auto posting. It is not an app store.
Yes, it consolidates all the App Stores into one storefront with a good discovery and monetization solution. Pretty huge.
As a data grab via promoting more pervasive use of facebook login, sure they may improve monetisation. Personally I don't use any app that insists on facebook login but many are comfortable using it for everything.
Considering how Facebook and its users treat personal info, I'll gladly be avoiding their store.
Yea I'm not sold anyone would want to use this. People are happy just using the included store on phones, and while people like using Facebook, a majority of people don't trust Facebook, and will be hesitant to use this kind of service.
A Facebook stream full of apps would be weird. It would totally change Facebook from what it is today. That being said though, I've noticed a decline in wall activity as people move from writing on their wall to using other services like Twitter writing & Instagram for photos. I guess the wall as it was in it's original form can now be replaced with Facebook integrated Twitter and Instagram Apps

One thing I have noticed with the Android Facebook app itself is that it's rubbish on my Samsung Galaxy S. I've even deleted it and replaced it with a link to the web app, which I must say is much better
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