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Love this!!
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I drink your glass of water!

/cue mustache twirling
I've always thought the argument should be more about what's in the glass, not how full it is.
Just hope someone did not dumbed their dirty finger in the glass to see if it was half full or half empty...:o) Someone just told me he rather drink from a stream than from a glass that does not belong to him.
Seems like u don't think much n hate ones who do.
LMFAO! Good stuff!....gotta remember that one :)
Dear Oppurtunistic
I don't give a damn about glass. It doesn't bother me. I carry my water in a bottle.

The Realistic
I had this as my profile picture for awhile. LOL
drinking ur glass sooner than others,is not always a positive point! maybe you be a victim!
Buja Ak
made in lugina
F-U & the glass of water you dumbass idiot, nobody gives a total shit about water you drank you dumb F^%$
aren't opportunists realists as well?
Opportunist... bet that person has had a lot of glasses of water!
ai tran
just need to make sure that it's not the poison water..
Dear Dentist, Denturist and Oral Hygienist,

What happened to the dentures in the Glass???

Sincerely ,
The Polydentalist

P.S. Was the glass an old fashion or a highball???
or just filthy
why would u argue over a glass of water?!?!?!?
maybe being half full or half empty
Unless it's in a vacuum, it's always full.
Jayne B
lol thats pretty good
Good !!! now no reason to argue in peace now
an opportunist has no own opinion. he's like a shop assistant. hypocrites!
Ha Ha ...Love it :-)
Right on. ! Its not just the opposible thumb that give us the edge.
hahhahahahah soooooo funny :)
I'm glad that your not thirsty!
Dear +Baraa Zaid With that profanity laced comment (one fragmented sentence), what exactly was your point? (For reference this is the comment by +Baraa Zaid: - F-U & the glass of water you dumbass idiot, nobody gives a total shit about water you drank you dumb F^%$).
your urine sample was in the bottle and they were arguing wetehr or not to throw it out and he drank it thinking it was water
Haha. You got the winner there. :D
not again... this image has been around for sooooo long, don't understand why it's still on the What's Hot stream...
Oh but an optimist knows there are many glasses of water, the pessimist got what he already thought, the realist sees the opportunist as the thief he is.
WOW, this is hilarious and has so much more impactful when written and taken a picture of rather than just typed into the stream box. This may start a trend in writing stuff on paper and taking a picture of. Watch out.
veel kord vabandan, et soovisin meie meeskonda paremini integreerida pidevalt "lahinguväljal" viibivaid üksikvõitlejaid - meie automaatikuid ja pikalt (tegelikullt pikalt mõeldes) mõtlemata soetasin neile vajalikud vahendid et töö tegemine efektiivsemaks ja võib olla ka lõbusamaks muuta. See ei ole iroonia - vahel tundub, et on tark ka tormata. Tervisi kõigile!
Tera GX
FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU-- but there was so much to it while it was half-full!
Yes Good.......
An opportunist does not care if the water is in a glass, a bottle, or some other container. In fact, the opportunist does not care about what's being contained. The opportunist makes a move with the given opportunity at hand, others argue if s/he is going fail or succeed. BTW, the opportunist wrote a note, we can assume that s/he is still
Who never drinked  water in( by)  hands?? Old and good memories...... my english is not so good!
what s more importante is not what you have in tha glass but how much you want it.....
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