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What is sad and pathetic is that Steve Jobs is known for saying "Good artists copy great artists steal".
Steve Jobs: Good artists copy great artists steal

And all of a sudden, after they stole everything from everyone, they sue people for "stealing their ideas"...

You said in your article that "you can argue that Android is no iOS ripoff. You can also argue that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 looks nothing like the iPad"
But the fact of the matter is, that Apple sued Samsung for both these things.
And I said in many many posts that Apple was wrong for that. But this is a pathetic ripoff of Apple's retail philosophy.
Kyle B.
Come on now. So they made a retail store like apples. Big deal did Crackdolands sue buger king?
Watch the video and try to stay objective. If you think this is the way to succeed, by copying every last detail about the Apple retail experience, then Samsung is in worse shape than I thought.
I have and that makes this ok, how?
Kyle B.
So I walk into walmart.....There are "name brands" all over the place then I look just under the "name brand" guess what I see the same damn thing, down to the color of the package just it says great value. This happens everyday all over the place from cars, food, clothing, everything! If you ask me pirates should sue apple because they truly invented "slide to unlock"
It still amazes me that if Apple steals ideas then it's GREAT, AMAZING and INNOVATIVE, but if someone allegedly steals ideas from Apple then they should be sued...

Give me a break.
OK, so Apple steals (assuming you mean from Xerox?) and so therefore copying every single detail about Apple stores including the color of the shirts is ok.. Got it.
I'm sorry I don't agree. I've been waiting for a Samsung store for a while now. Besides it looks a lot like parts of other stores like best buy and target. Why would they get sued for this? Granted let's take the design and twist it a little but really, what's wrong with making things convenient for customers?
Blue shirts and accessories along the walls means convenience? No, there are many ways to do convenience, this is just a ripoff. And it is so blatant that the fact that so many people here are debating this, says something to me about the level of objectivity here.
+Hillel Fuld , remember the Android notification bar? That you can slide down? 
It magically appeared in iOS 5.

No one sued them, but it was the EXACT feature, not even a slight change.
And that's only one example.

Look, if you're an Apple fanboy, I understand it.
But please try to look at this objectively.
Kyle B.
+Hillel Fuld You truly dont understand how much of this goes on on a daily basis do you? Look at gas stations they are all set up the same and all sell the same thing do they sue each other? So Samsung followed a business plan that worked for another company if you dont like it dont go in there. Dont buy samsung products. I know somebody who has a profile picture like yours would you like to sue them?
Sure, G+ people are probably skewed towards Android fans, of which I am one. But gimme a break. No one is going to confuse a Samsung store with an Apple store. And as others in this thread have pointed out, Apple still copies others as well, so they are just as hypocritical as anyone else.

Frankly, I was hoping Apple's egotistical and bullying ways would die off with Steve Jobs, but it looks like they are still carrying on his will, like surviving cult members.

Disclaimer: I hate Apple with every fiber of my being, so my views are obviously slanted, but that's how I feel.
Kyle B.
And my last comment because trying to debate with a apple fanboy is like trying to debate with a nobama supporter. How long has apple been in the cell phone market? I can bet you Samsung was a part of the cell phone market before apple was.
+Ed Caggiani , even on Twitter nobody agrees with this statement.
So the direction this conversation is going is not because we're on G+.
Just watched the video - looks like a Sony store, which Apple mimicked - also looks like most small electronics stores in Japan. What I also read was the article, which was like a "waaaah looks like apple!" blah blah, garbage. Samsung's company color as has been on their logo is blue - forever. So this is just whatever garbage written by someone who thinks Apple actually creates stuff from "the ether".
Kyle B.
Wal-Marts Color is blue.....So any company who has a blue shirt copied Wal-Mart?!?! Sorry I cant help myself. And why would apple chose blue? I have never ever seen a blue apple.
+Hillel Fuld I can't say if this is or isn't a direct ripoff but it does seem like the low tables with little to no dividers displaying technology is the new way of retail. Best Buy's computer and phone areas are this way as well as mobile phone stores. I see what you're saying about the look of the store and hope Samsung has examples of this layout other than the Apple Store. They're in enough trouble without purposely adding this to the list.
As for the blue shirts, that is Samsung's color. I can't fault them for wanting to use their signature color for their employee's shirts.
I agree with +Enrique Gutierrez
Logo of Samsung is blue Apple not.

This store will also contain the Windows 8 phone when it comes and if they will make it .... so not only Android devices
Yes, +Michael Flint, SR , I wrote that. Thank you for proving that I am the farthest thing from an Apple fanboy. Seems people think if one bad word is said about Android or one of its partners, it must only be said by an Apple fanboy. If Google had retail stores and Apple would have released a video like this copying every detail of the Google store, this thread would look very different...
+Hillel Fuld  This thread would look very different since Google would not have sued Apple for such a thing.

That's the big difference here.
I don't see where your a fanboy, but regardless (and this is not good on my part) whether Samsung or anyone else copies anyone or not! I don't like Apple! (and I don't feel it has anything to do with Adam and Eve) I think is a bunch of BS!
I will be the first to admit I don't like Apple products (with the exception of the music players - well that because Microsoft screwed up the Zune situation in my opinion - I'm NOT buy a Win7Phone) I admired Mr. Jobs!

Burger King not suing Wendy's because they got dropped to the number 3 spot! I mean they both sell burgers, fries, soda, etc! Yeah it not really the same thing and I may be missing the point!

Well anyways! It all keeps people going and gives them something to talk about instead of solving real world crisis, like pot holes!!! 
I think the picture is misleading. I thought your point was that they were actually wearing the logo... If they were then I'd agree, in the same way that knock-off Gucci bags should be stomped out... But after watching the video it just looks like a generic technology-selling store you see anywhere in the world. Must cellphone shops look like this, high-end electronics stores look like this... I'm sorry but looking modern, polished and "space age" is not an innovation that could be attributed to any company.
i believe that blue is samsung's corporate colour, so there is nothing wrong wearing that. although all that s-voice, SGII, and other devices look a lot like apple's things, the store doesn't look like a rigoff to me.
+Daniel Albu Really? Cuz Google bought Motorola because of the Razr, right? Nothing to do with Motorola's rich patent portfolio... Do me a favor. Do I need to remind you who is suing who in the tech space? I am not justifying that, just saying, this store is a clear ripoff.
+Hillel Fuld They bought it as a defensive act. Please state ONE lawsuit that Google filed against Apple (and not a counter-lawsuit, but an ACTUAL lawsuit that Google filed)
Kyle B.
I love how you avoid all my very clear points I have made. Let me make another. Hanes makes white t-shirts. Did they sue rappers for wearing white t-shirts and rapping about it? Apple is suing google because they know they are about to get curb stomped and are trying to prevent it. Bite the curb apple you cant win this war!
ok, clearly +Kyle B., you are very passionate about this, in fact, a little too passionate about a topic that involves two technology companies, so either you have financial interest here, or I am not going to get my POV across no matter how hard I try. To clarify for the last time, I am NOT justifying the law suits, ALL I am saying is that this store is a clear ripoff and Samsung should not have done it. That is all. 
So how that story go? I heard that Microsoft, Apple and someone else headed up to Canada to buy all these patents that were being sold and Google was left out in the cold. So they bought Motorola, because it had 4 times the amount of patents then what was being sold up north!

And isn't everyone suing everyone? And defensive yes!
Kyle B.
Then the apple store is a clear ripoff of best buy and walmart come on man
Kyle B.
and gas stations dont all sale the same gas?
+Kyle B.,  Again, no one is talking about the product here, not sure how you are not hearing what I am saying. Apple changed the retail experience in many ways, all starting from the design and experience of Apple stores worldwide. Do your research about the history of Apple stores. It became an instant success. Samsung is blatantly trying to replicate the model, which is fine, but a little originality never hurt anyone. 
+Hillel Fuld , saying that +Kyle B. is "passionate" about the topic because he has a financial interest is unfair.

You called this move "Pathetic and Sad", now that's being passionate about something and I guess that that's what ticked everybody off.
You post is biased towards Apple, do you have a financial interest here?
Kyle B.
And samsung was in the cell phone field well before apple.
+Hillel Fuld "A little originality never hurt anyone" should be the title of your next post about Apple, stating everything that they ripped off from other companies.

Would we have the honor of seeing something like that written by you?
A lot of people should agree to disagree, especially on the topic of Apple vs Anything Android!
+Daniel Albu Again, if you read my stuff, as recently as last week, I call out Apple for being overly aggressive. In fact, I linked to it in the post itself. Anyone who watches this video objectively sees the Apple store experience being copied one for one. And yes, +Kyle B., Samsung was first, that is why I think Apple is WRONG for all the law suits. Move on. This is not about that.
I guess this became a bit personal  :)

The store looks like the Apple store because of the tables in the middle that is the only thing I can see.. the rest is just good store practise ... You can say that Apple took the blue shirts from Samsung and Samsung took the tables from Apple
+Torben Henriksen Please show me another company that has stores 80% empty with the walls lined with accessories. That is one example of many. And yes, this clearly is personal for many people, not sure why. Hate Apple or love it, the company clearly causes extreme emotions among people. Interesting to note.
Gotta step in and support my man +Hillel Fuld 

Motorola has sued Apple--they even got permission from Google to do so. Guess who now owns that part of Motorola: Google. Therefore Google has sued Apple. Google also certainly has helped their hardware partners with their patent lawsuits, so Google's hands aren't exactly clean in this ever-escalating game of patent wars.

As for the Samsung store looking a bit too much like the Apple store: there are definite similarities, but will Samsung be able to execute it as well as Apple does?
Kyle B.
Honestly it has nothing to do with apple for me. Its annoying. Stores sale shit.....thats what they are there for. You found a video that tries to pick out shit and dog out a company yet the same thing is going on in every other store you walk in. And yes I can walk into any cell phone store in this small town and they all look like the store in the video. hmmmmm
Kyle B.
iirc moto sued apple before google bought their patents. I may be wrong show me a link to prove otherwise.
+Hillel Fuld Good point, maybe I should set a foot into a Apple store to see what it is about  :)

I found that this store from the video did not look that empty, it could be because of the small space I guess.

But if the Apple concept is 80% empty space then I guess not many shops have this ... but that is not to say that these does not exsist.
+Dameon Welch-Abernathy so who sued who first Apple sued Motorola or Motorola sued Apple, it is Apple who started the fight. Instead sitting in defense only, they started the attack against them.
IMHO both Samsung and Apple should grow up, considering a large percentage of samsung tech is built into the apple the banning and counter sue seems all rather silly. Even in UK where a judge has now allowed the selling of the galaxy Tab  as its not as trendy as an ipad (glad my taxes paid for that decision!)
If the latest argument is about store creation, then what next will wallmart start having a go at Tesco's??.
Be the guy who invented the wheel is kicking himself ;-)
Hahaha. I will be more than happy to design Samsung stores that will be different enough for everyone and more convinient. Who wants to work on my project team? If origionality is your issue then I agree with you +Hillel Fuld however, this being said, look at the people they are trying to apeal to. It is deffinately not anyone in this thread as the asthetic is apparent to us all. Instead of trusting a forward thinking designer (of which Samsung has plenty) to do some homework and take what works and make it asthetically more Samsung and less tech store conformist, they took the easy and safe way about it. And who's to blame them in this economy? Not any one of us, unless any of you are part of a board who makes decisions on this kind of scale. So lets not make this a brand vs. brand squable and come together on the fact that we are all dissapointed in Samsung's "safe" and un imaginative choice in interior design and layout. I'm still going to go touch everything inside there though and I go both ways (ios+android).
Apple give Samsung a break you have lots of money already:)
I posted this in the comments of somebody who reshared this article. 

Please, Apple hasn't invented the wheel, so they can't claim that their first on anything. And is ridiculous to say that Apple has the right to sue everybody and their mother's, because the design of the store resemble their minimalism design. They're just cry babies, that cannot accept that they're losing market and people is educating themselves and realize that they have been buying outdated and cheap stuff. What would had happen if Ford had decided to sue everybody? Please author of this piece, be more responsible before saying that a company has the right to screw everybody up because they cannot accept that their time of being the great next thing is done. Move over and just let the people who's paying choose whatever the fuck they want.

+Hillel Fuld, you'are getting a lot of people to not agree with you because what you're saying is that the right thing to do is to impose your way, by any means, regardless of the consequences. Apple is just a brat who's not getting more people to like them and they have the money to force everybody to do so. They're the sad and pathetic.
I actually think this is a wider question about Intellectual Property Rights. Things have gotten out of hand and, like whiplash claims for car accidents, there should be some sort of limit to legal claims. This is unlikely to happen as lawyers earn from this sort of tiff....
It is not just Apple behaving like a brat, this is the culture.
I can see your point, and I'm sure Apple will sue Samsung for it because that's just what Apple do these days.

Yes, perhaps Samsung could have striven to inject a little more originality but the store was clearly still a work in progress. With that in mind I think it is a bit harsh to accuse Samsung of copying the "Apple retail" experience. The first time I ever walked into an Apple store my immediate reaction was that they'd copied O2 stores.

Also, if you ever go into a PC World here in the UK it's a very similar layout and has been for many years. I think Apple would have a hard time claiming ownership of a retail experience, but if they did then it would change the face of high street gadget shopping.
I agree Hillel the idea of the shop was very stupid and the colors made it worse!
Breaking news from CNN! Apple has just been granted the patent for circumcision. Millions of Americans are due in court later this week to stop this injunction while more information is obtain on performance, style and if Millions of Americans did steal apple's design knowingly
I'm not anybody really special, but I consider it to be a compliment, when someone emulates me.
Friend wanted a Samsung and said it was less expensive than Apple but just as good. that his the problem that Denni Coble (commenter before me) does not see. when one company puts a buttload of cash into R&D to develop something it is called theft when someone "emulates" it.

I love the US $100 bill and will be emulating them soon. Stay tuned for how well that's going to work out.
The thing is Samsung's products became this thing that i would consider buying since they are more unique and more advanced than most android now a day and i dont think they are "copying" from apple since both are taking some features from each other but the samsung store was a complete rip-off and since there is only one store so far samsung can try to change the colors and the design of the store which i hope they do!
I worked for many years as Manager of a conveience store. One of the first things you learn is to place eberything you WANT sold in the easiest to access position, such as your slowest selling items. Your best selling items, you place in hard to reach places because you know the people will reach for them, but while doing so, they have the chance to see a lot of the slower moving items.

As for the color of the shirts, blue is considered to be the "friendliest" color and that is the reason so many different stores use blue as the color for their sales people. The second color is red, but for a different reason. Red is easy for the customer spot when they need help finding an item and don't have the time to spend looking for it. These have been facts well known by retailers long before either company was even around.

My personal opinion is that someone actually took the time to check these facts and decided to put them into use in the new store layout. When you use the best sales tools, you have the best sales results.
+Ernest Koncaba  Interesting observation.  Better view of WalMart and Target Colors.  Of course WalMart's cover the RedBox in their locations with blue overlays :)
I don't get the bashing. I've seen a lot of gadget retail stores that have the same layout, same everything because they see and design it as the best way to build & present their store. Why is it that Samsung always gets pointed out? Because they're the closest competitor? 

Just because Apple has driven the tech industry for many years because of their innovations and being first in SOME product categories doesn't automatically mean they're the first in everything. Not fair for Samsung and every other tech company that just want to sell their product.

Btw, not a Samsung fan here. Just pointing out the obvious.
 Wow I never would have expected that from Samsung, bad move guys
I think you didn't read this part +Dameon Welch-Abernathy: "Sorry, Samsung, but this is not ok. I agree that in business, it is good to learn from those that were successful, but this level of ripping off a competitor gives Apple justification for all its recent legal activity."

This is basically why he's getting all this heat. It clearly shows no knowledge of the retail industry and he's justifying bullying.
Lol it looks like Samsung's retail store matches any other intelligently designed store. Take a look at Walmart, Bestbuy, Radioshack, ect.  

Btw Samsung sales reps have always worn blue shirts. 
For those taking the Jobs quote about "great artists steal" watch the entire Lost Interview with Steve Jobs. He was speaking of taking ideas from the liberal arts, stealing them, and implementing them in technology, not stealing ideas from other tech companies. 
+Hillel Fuld I could at least respect the comments here if the apple haters just said, yes, Samsung did blatantly copy apple stores, but who cares. You've been on Google+ long enough to know that there will be no rational thought when it comes to apple. My opinion? Total rip off. But I don't blame them. Apple stores are fantastic. I wonder how the customer service is at the Samsung stores?
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