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Next post: "5 Features that Would Make me Want a Windows Phone Device" Please comment below wit some features/characteristics that would make you consider the platform.
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If the phone part actually worked. You know, being able to hear the person on the other end (unlike my iPhone) then I'd be seriously excited. Cause my iPhone sucks for actually talking on the phone.
Haha ok most phones are ok on that front :)
+Shira Abel can I recommend an Android handset or 3? Never had any issues with dropped calls or other actual phone problems with them....
Battery life, my iPhone 4 rocks in this regard, but its speakers suck which handicaps phone use a bit
Everyone makes fun of me for not having an iPhone, but everyone complains about their iPhone, soooo......
Well, I don't pay a penny for my BB, I have it from work. #JustSaying But I DO love my BB, I ave to say.
Ha. Honestly, it has less apps (the BB vs the iPhone),. but it's very reliable and always works, and I don't need the apps anyway, I have an iPad :-)
Um, I was a huge fan of BB for years, u know that +Talia Klein but I would not call it reliable if you are a Gmail user. Try archiving a message, flagging it, labeling it. in fact, try to have your Gmail and BB sync normally. That made me go over to the dark side :)
I know what you mean, but as a PHONE it works, which I hear the iPhone doesn't. I see the iPhone disconnect everywhere and all the time, and there are so many things about it that people complain. I use my phone for everything - email, FB, Twitter, etc - but ultimately if it can't function as a PHONE, then it's not reliable for me. The purpose of your phone is to speak on it, not to archive emails on Gmail...Plus Gmail did a lot of stuff now that makes it better.
Talia - I have all that + good GMail and exchange support on my Android...
Windows were unable to make a descent working mobile platform in the past ten years. Hard to believe they will b able to make one now, anyway there is no chance i will use win mobile again.
I would only consider it if there was a decent entry level device at an affordable cost.
Nigo Xu
Image you phone is out of power when you have important work depending on it.
So, the battery and idle time is very important....
Mark, comparing Windows Phone to Windows Mobile is like comparing a top of the line Lexus LS600 to a Toyota Corolla. They are owned and made by the same company, but really no comparing...
+Hillel Fuld You show a good point. But as i see it it's just a re-branding of a bad product. In the case of Toyota it is a good car made fancier. In the case of Windows, i would choose the Indian Tata sample.
I feel the same way about the blackberry - great on the email features, but no one can't hear me...
It's not about features. It's about adoption. Without adoption, it can be the best device the world has ever seen, but no one will develop apps on the scale of Android and Iphone for it. Building them a field, doesn't mean they will come anymore.
That is exactly what I'm asking here. What would make the platform reach mass market? There's a chicken and an egg situation though. No apps means no users and no users means developers won't creat apps. 
No features launched on this phone will get it adoption. They're kind of screwed.
The only way for a windows phone to get adopted is to bundle/package it with the next operating system... once they buy the market share they may succeed.... if the features are compelling and stable enough, then users may stay.
Wanna put money on that? :) Have you used Mango? Did u know that every mobile analyst out there says the mobile OS landscape in 2015 will be Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, then some of the little guys? Nokia sells a million handsets a day and all high end Nokia phones will run Windows Phone as will some Samsung, HTC, and other branded phones... Let's talk again in a year when the Windows market share surpasses that of many players we consider big today...
Personally 500 things and a freebie wouldn't get me on a windows phone. I know they are pushing the mobile and integration via silverlight but Windows OS suffers from the same fundamental shortcomings as it always has in my opinion. It is inherently vulnerable even without social engineering for a user to grant admin permission. Any OS for mobile or desktop has security vulnerability but Windows OS drives an industry. My biased opinion. 
+Hillel Fuld "What would make the platform reach mass market?" build good product and gather brand evangelists.
How about integrating with a Mac? Hate to say it but Mac users tend to be trend setters. Current WP7 doesn't even bother with the Mac at all.
There's a Mac sync program for WP7 devices, unlike windows mobile which only has third-party solutions. 
Nice post, I am wondering however about just one of the steps outlined:

How would app purchases manage to equal, for "free mobile service", the amount of revenue a typical Mobile Operator collects from their fees, which are typically around a hundred dollars or more for a smartphone plan, after you factor in taxes and fees, in the US. Nobody is going to buy $100 worth of apps, nor is Microsoft liable to want to, despite their deep pockets, pay for your smartphone plan to the tune of several thousands of dollars per person over a 2 year contract.

Maybe a free phone subsidy, however, would work. There are already free Android smartphones out - in exchange for being (usually) stuck with a low-end Android handset for 2 years at the same cost (within less than 10%) as the superphone that is more up front over the time of the same mandatory contract. (Prepaid Android being an exception, but those aren't free phones.)
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