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Samsung Galaxy Note Solves a Huge Problem!

Going to an all-day conference today. It is always an issue. I need to be online all day and I would like the ability to take notes.

My Macbook Air is just too big to carry around all day. My iPhone 4S' battery won't withstand my tweeting, Google Plus-ing, and Facebooking. My Galaxy Tab/Playbook is just not comfortable in my pocket.

Meet the Samsung Note. 5" of Super AmoLED beauty with the ability to write using the built-in S Pen and the best battery life I have ever experienced on a smartphone.

Yes, I think I will take the Note with me today!

Update: Before you ask, no, it is not too big and it fits perfectly in a standard jeans pocket!
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I suspected that the Note would fill that weird gap we so need filled. Thanks for the update, +Hillel Fuld. Confirmation that this will be my next purchase.
Dan O
What did they do differently with the battery? Why can't others do it?
Um, the battery is HUGE and the phone is big enough to support it. 2500 mAh battery,
+Hillel Fuld Please write a piece on Asus transformer prime. This concept of tablet cum laptop is what people need.
Dan O
Thanks +Hillel Fuld That's the key then... a bigger form factor provides a bigger battery and other benefits.
Your lucky that you get to choose..
If you don't mind the plus dimensions and need massive battery life, you should try the mophie juice pack plus
I doubt it will become mainstream. It may be nice and useful, but a lot of people will be put off by its size; I don't think the average person would sacrifice the the convenience of a small phone for the usefulness of a huge one.
What type of battery life are you getting? If I go into Battery saving mode I can get 10 hrs.
+Hillel Fuld, don't overestimate Note's battery - it could give you ca. 5 hours only on full load (screen on + network access).
isn't the great battery life because it's a new phone?
+Liz Cohen, not really - it more depends on how exactly you use it. Of course, the older the battery, the less you will get, but during first year or two it doesn't really matter.
i wish i could have any of those gadgets
ill be going to this after i tire of my Atrix with CM9 ICS on it.
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