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iOS vs Android: Tables Seem to be Turning

Noticing an interesting pattern here... For years, people said, "Android is great but if you want a stable experience, try iOS!"

That seems to be changing and fast. As Jellybean stabilizes the Android experience, and adds lots of much-needed polish, iOS seems to be becoming increasingly unstable.

To name just a few obvious examples, there is the maps issue, which, well, you heard about already. There is the data bug, which inexplicably uses tons of data in iOS 6. Then there is the new App Store, which when it works, has a poor search experience, almost no app discovery capabilities, and a HORRIBLE UX ever since the recent iOS 6 update.

iCloud s buggy as ever with a restore taking up to three hours while the apps just hang...

Or to sum it up, iOS is now acting like Android did in the early days...
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I am seeing another issue brewing as well: Google+ getting the reputation for being Google's in-house Android-friendly promotional network.

Full disclosure: I use an iPhone, have not experienced any problems with using Apple Maps here in the DC area, and I use Google services constantly.

Despite these factors, I still see no reason to go out of my way to bad-mouth Google, Android, or Android customers. What would be the point?

I prefer to be constructive, which is why I wrote this: "What Should Apple Do To Fix Its Maps Fiasco?"
I've have been following Hillel's posting : blogs for quite some time. To say he goes out of his way to "bad mouth" Apple is a gross over statement. The author loves Apple and it pains me sometimes to see him oozing love over everything Apple. But, recently, it seems he has had a change of heart towards the whole Apple/Android "war/debate". It looks like he is finally coming around! (Full disclosure: I'm an Android supporter). 
I am neither an Apple supporter or an Android supporter. I just like good products. Objective 100%.
+Michael CoZ I think one of the differences I'm seeing is that I don't see myself as a "supporter" of a particular platform. I use a variety of services and hardware platforms on a regular basis. Just because my phone happens to be an iPhone doesn't make me an Apple "supporter" -- I'm an Apple customer. And a Windows customer. and an Amazon customer. And Samsung and Sony customer, etc. etc. People have been criticizing Apple "fanboys" for years, and now we see Android "fanboys" gravitating to Google+ where some definitely go out of their way to badmouth Apple and Apple customers. If you say anything remotely positive about Apple or iPhones on Google+ you will immediately see negative and attack comments. It's a stimulus-and-response thing. It's as if using or liking Apple products is, to some people here, a personal affront of some sort to people who prefer  Android products. I just don't get it. If Person A likes Android and person B prefers iOS, why does one give a rat's ass about the other's preference? As I said above, I tend to try to be constructive about such things; maybe it's because I've been in the software business and I've seen how hard it can be to support multiple platforms.
+Hillel Fuld  I apologize if you took offense.  I follow you on here because I respect your opinions and find your articles interesting. In my defense, I was typing out my response on an Apple iPhone (work issued - not my preference) in the middle of shopping at Target and it was a laborious exercise in futility.  Just from my opinion you seemed to be 'pro-Apple' as most of your hardware you take pictures of seem to be Apple oriented that you own.  Hence where I received that impression.  You do post "both sides" of the story.  Please don't block me now that you found out I support Android! (JOKE!)
+Dennis D. McDonald  Android never had "fanboys" before.  Apple has been cultivating their culture for quite some time so it perhaps looks like a deluge of Android "FanBoys" coming out of the woodwork on here?  Do I support Android?  Absolutely.  Do I try to convince my friends the benefits of getting an Android phone over an iPhone?  Yes.  That is, if they aren't already knee deep in the Apple eco-system, which, at that point, it doesn't make any sense for them to switch to Android.  I dislike the Apple eco-system.  It's very "Orwellian".  Which is exactly what Apple used back in 1984 against Microsoft to gain market share.  I enjoy my ability to tinker and hack and 'brick' my phone occasionally. :)  
I guess the same could be said as far as "McDonalds vs Burger King" / "Starbucks vs Dunkin Donuts" / "Dallas Cowboys vs NY Giants".  We really shouldn't give a "Rats ass" about the other's preference.  None of those companies or sports teams have done anything for "YOU" but yet you feel this blind loyalty to them and will defend and argue with the other person until you are blue in the face.  It's more human psyche then anything else.  Plus, it makes great discussion (like now) until you get some 13 year old kid in the mix who chimes in just to chime in and can not have an intelligent discussion.
Steve Jobs would have never allowed iOS6 to be released in its current state.
Really? Right because Jobs didn't release Ping (RIP), or an iPhone 4 with a faulty antenna, or iTunes, the worst software on the planet. 
I don't get that twitter post at all. Probably because I flew all night from NY to London and am exhausted. Or, I simply out of the apple loop?
I do agree with your comment about iTunes. That software puts its fingers into every part of a PC and chokes it to death!
Steve Jobs saw the value in aesthetics and rated its value over that of actual utility. He also tested out his company's products before they where released. iOS6 maps looks like shit. Steve would have seen that and immediately halted the changeover. 
+Daniel Havens I don't really understand your first sentence -- my impression is that Apple has traditionally combine both aesthetics and utility. At least that's the impression from the products I've owned over the years. 
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