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Which of These Do You Think Will Be Included in iOS6?
By: Hillel Fuld (@hilzfuld) Apple has been all over the news lately, but there seems to be a strange silence about the innovation side of
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Hillel you're getting too tame, or expecting too little from your once-idol company.

What about something really new in location services? They bought three location companies, and started a location team, let's see the results!

What about the laser pen they were once researching? Now that the Samsung Note has gotten some attention for pen-based apps, they can try to one-up it.

Or how about something really new, like eyeglass-based displays that really work, or a projector for watching movies (ala Galaxy Beam)?
The post was about missing features in iOS5, more than futuristic technology that Apple might implement. Having said that, not a chance in the world the iPhone will ever have a stylus, in my humble opinion. :)
Yeah, I know, they'll probably never go back on Steve Jobs's hillareous tone of voice saying "stylus? who wants a stylus?" But then again they have a way of surprising everyone.....
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