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Whichever one doesn't feel too plasticky
Well, I have two pockets, so..... both. ;)
Yea well +Kevin Tofel not all of us get to review these bad boys :) But when you had enough of the S3, you know where to send it :)
s 3 axiomtr praxia 1 in america 2 in germany 3 algeria and invisibles in japan
Hi, +Hillel Fuld! Were you at the launch event? Is the S3 really good? Impressive? Relevant? Please write something about it when you find some time.
Still SII Fan..Didn't liked SIII at all in design..Features yeah sure..
bish s
I'm sticking with my SGS2 for now! :)
I'll wait for someone to backport the S3's ROM to my GNex, probably. :)
Note. Already have, not going to change =)
Already 'chosen' ... the Note since last November ;)
+Ernest Marvin Esteban & +Sidhesh Ganeriwala I've used an AT&T internal test One X (LTE, dual core) and didn't find it any faster than the GNex in regular use, nor did I find the screen to be clearer, brighter, or otherwise better. Apparently I'm the exception. Have you all used a One X in person? I'm wondering if I'm one of the minority of non-tech-writers who've used one or if I'm just crazy...
+Noah Erickson I have used The One X in person once. But I have not been able to compare it with the GNex in person. I agree with you on the speed front, since even I don't think the One X is any significantly faster than it,at least for the apps in the market now. Regarding the screen though, I feel the One X looks better. Perhaps its because of the difference in the screen technologies. The reason I chose the One X over both of these splendid devices is because I like its design better and because Samsung are terrible at Android updates.
niether, Samsung products just aren't what they used to be.
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