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Dear Opportunist,
I charge $3 a glass for that water!
The Capitalist
Not to nitpick, but I don't think it should also be addressed to the Opportunist if the Opportunist signed it. I think it should be Dear Realist and Pessimist ... ?
Ah, yes, opportunist and optimist -- I blame my headache!
Hahah. Dear Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.... Yours sincerely Google+
Sadly, there was some rat poison in that glass....
technically it's always full the other part is filled with air
right on, there it a time for talk then there is a time for action
Hi, great! I love this idea.
To Dylan Craigie: Even when the water wasn't good, you still felt better than those who didn't have chances to drink it :)...
F that make u wrote this msg ? send me the rest. NICE CATCH BUDDY
...Dear "opportunist", I put some poison before you drink it. Sincerely, the real opportunist.
OHHH.....too good, just love it .........
I eat my little sister until she screams
lol ewwwwww gurl dats nasti
Hahahaha... funny.. from a i-dont-mind-at-allist... hahaha
I laugh every time I read this one...
what the heck i laugh my head of when i read this
What's the big idea of writing on a piece of paper and then taking a picture of it? Why not just type the damn thing into the message box?!
Hy De
<3 it!
Ha thats so funny
But why would you be arguing about a glass of water ???
This is really so funny, it made my moments
the opportunist is the guy who keeps all the other three busy :)
that's like saying what's the point of putting close on just to go out lol
whoo hoo! i guess the opportunist is the wittiest..
wow yall need to grow up how old are yall
is this what yall do all day is cooment on stupid shit
Is this what you do Sami Smith? Look for people enjoying something and then tell them how stupid they are for enjoying it?
The road to dying of thirst is paved with good intentions...
this is so inspiring i wish i could fight for gay rights! :D
Sir we were discussing the degree of Contamination in the Glass of water collected from the Public places like xxx so every time don't be impatient and OPPORTUNISTIC which can contaminate you and make illlll.....
Amazing! And that give the word the perfect description (literally)
The Opportunist always comes out on top :)
very true,only opportunist is wnner now a days
Isn't this the nature of evolution?
L Dion
HAHA!!! Love it
Never could figure out why "half full" was better than "half empty". After all, if the glass is half empty, doesn't it mean that someone drank half the water, thus using it for the live-giving purpose for which it was intended?
While they argued, and you drank it, the realist noticed that the glass was actually full of pee, not water.
The physical scientist says that the glass is always full - water, air, space, whatever.
The quantum physicist says that the glass is always almost entirely empty.
J Krah
Dear opportunist, being that the cost of water is so expensive, the cup was filled with pee instead. Guess nobody gave you the memo.
lol good one! wonder what the optimist will say now :/
Dear Oppurtunist,



The Surrealist
isn't that the reason why our economy is messed up?
That glass of water was filled with harmful chemicals and minerals...the enviromentalist
optimist and pessimist are two cats fighting each other,and opportunist is monkey who takes benefits..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but i enjoyed that.
من كه انگليسيم خوبه مثلا هيچي نفهميدم
ha you missed the whole thing it goes,

Dear optimist and pessimist,
While you were arguing about weather the glass was half empty/full
i drank it, Sincerely the opportunist
Dear the opportunist, i poisoned the glass
Sincerely the sadist
Dear Opportunist,

That wasn't water.

-The Urologist
o' dear after all that the man (Sami Smith) disappeared "clothes" as in someone made a comment about the photograph "why take a pitcher why not right it instead" I.E. why get dressed up just to go out - still i should just keep my comments to myself.
i adore an oppurtunity when it comes to my side ;)
We don't even know if there was a glass to begin with. Sincerely, the Solipsist.
Loved it! and stole it LOL, it's now on my Facebook wall, how's that for being an opportunist? LOL. Of course I will not take the credit!! But thanks for the share!
Can you please use larger letters.
The oculist
The signature is wrong. It should be "The Jerk".
You should burn that after reading
The Arsonist
That glass of water was for a dehydrated man just found in the desert...YOU JERK!
us engineers say the glass is twice the size it needs to be
Dear optimist and realist: The glass is twice as large as it needs to be. Horribly inefficient. Sincerely, The Engineer.
Dear waitress: I ordered a cheeseburger and you brought me a water. I'm disappointed in the poor quality of service and this is why I did not leave a tip. Sincerely, Hungry
It was great 2 weeks ago when I saw it.
Then I spilled it all over the floor. The sloppiest. 
Dear Pessimist, Opportunist, Optimist, and Realist;

While you all were making stupid pictures, I ripped your paper, and broke the glass across your faces.

Sincerely, the Anarchist.
the glass is in one or the other state based on how it got to that state. So empty glass, you fill it half way with water, the glass is half full. if you have a full glass, and you empty it half way, the glass is half empty.
Lol, I would have just dumped it out! Solved problem...
For me, I would have added some lemon to the water to see how the argument would change... and THEN I would have drunken it.

Pessimist: "Perfectly good water, gone to waste and never to be pure again..."

Optimist: "The water is now enhanced with the savory tastes of the sour lemon. Bodily acids production will now increase tenfold!"

Realist: "Well, due to the added mass of the lemon, I say that the cup is now officially more than half-full... unless the glass is playing visual tricks on us (which is very well may be)..."

Me: gulp
quite funny mind if I share I know a few people who could use a good laugh thanks for the love by sharing
Barking dog won't bite. The opportunist bites. Others bark..
When you took to drink it was it half full or half empty?
Also, did you steal that glass, purchased it or someone gave it to you?
Water s free users. Of glass. 6.95 restocking fee
That's the definition of evil. We call them looters.
bob aly
hahahahahahahaha love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The glass is actually completely full; Half of water and half of air. Problem solved.
"What Glass? " Is everyone just crazy or delusional ?
Ha ha, love it, I would drink it too :)
Wish it was juice instead of water. Water is BORING :P
lol!!! so funny !!very awesome!!!!!
i think i would had drink it if it was booze
Y do they worry so much bout a cup with sum water not every thing in life needs to be answered
Sam Br.
I get it! Pessimists think the glass is half empty, Optimists think it's half full, and Realists just says there's water in it. But the opportunist just drinks it. Hah!
Hahahaha thts funny:)
How many times do we have to see this before it gets old?
U fink u're smart
wow, never looked at it that way, very real , lol
I have an idea if you only fill the glass half way then it is half full, if you fill it all the way and then drink it to half way then it is half empty. lol
i LOVE that saying! im am sooooooooooooooooooo the Opportunist!
thats funny i wouldnt have told them though
Hillel Fuld, you drank it, but the glass is still full. Lol.
Dear opportunist,
That was bleach.
once again this post is on what's hot. It was here some months ago
I have decided to start removing unused profiles from websites. Today, I cleared out my stuff from GetGlue. You can have your drawer back, we're over!
Lmao!!! Now that is real. Haha
Ha very funny! I love it!!!!
Dear all others, the glass is half nothing. Half is .5 and the glass is .4654555555555555555555...% full.,
From, mathematician
dear opportunist, just let you know that it was not water which was our next topic for discussion.
Dear poopface this is gay
just don't try to sell the lemonade - that's illegal
sadly while you guys were using rat poisen i poisened your glass of water
...what you drank was not "apple juice." (the joker)
The Realist - It's half-full and half-empty at the same time.
Dear Opportunist,
I know you found that water first, but it belongs to everyone.
The Socialist
Dear socialist... the water was poisoned... God is Great, The terrorist
glass of water?
In my day we had wooden cups!
whether half empty or half full, it's still only half a glassful...
technically its always full, whether its water or air....
how to fill a tummy and how to fill a mind>>> you OPPotunist
Damn opportunist, drinking are glasses of water... XD
The author in these case is an illuminist and the reader is neutralist
the next time i get a chance, i'm drinking it too!
Dear Opportunist,
The water you drank was a nothing but poison... Happy journey to another world... ;) ;)
but still optimist, pessimist people have what they argue about !
The Optimist laughs and says “that’s perfect", the pessimist pisses and moans and says “it figures", while the Realist just says “Of course you did..."
Look who doesn't have a glass of water anymore..
what about sadist...? he'll never give you that chance
How did you drink the glass of water when I did?!?
dear opportunist,
i'd tread lightly when drinking foreign liquids if i was you.

Sincerely That Guy
u drunk it wow now who geets the watr neither of ya. lol hahaha
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