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The newest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, which is on the market for 7 months is installed on _ percent of Android phones... Any guesses?
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~5% of devices run ICS (whether officially or ROMmed.)
problem is with sammy(worlds most android provider)!most of their phones are optized to run on gingerbread! and are never envisioned to run any updates!(<350mb ram!)
+Dileep G I ran CM9 on my SGS GT-I9000 and it runs much better than it did with a Samsung ROM. The problem is that the carriers and handset manufacturers don't have any great incentive to upgrade the OS (while they do in leaving it as is...)
i am happy that i have chosen a smartphone of the nexus series and without a carrier between my mobile und the latest OS. :)
Thanks Hillel! I've been stirred into making more of this elsewhere, but do these comments suggest that Samsung is in danger of going the same route as RIM & Nokia in not seeing, and reacting speedily to, the writing on the wall? Should they not set their phones to work with the latest updates (like Apple do, to some extent) - this is an upgradeable world after all?
You are confusing fragmentation with lousy upgrade process. 64.4% of all Android devices use Gingerbread. I would say that this is really great result, especially taking into account how many different Android phones are on the market.

By the way, so called fragmentation is a natural thing, if you prefer it can also be called "progress". The way how Android OS and Android market are designed makes this problem easy to fix, unless you really want your app to be available on all devices, but again this is nothing new and is valid for all operating systems.
+Karol Bryd Do you realize how old Gingerbread is? Not to mention how bad it is compared to ICS.
I bought my Razr early this year with the hope that it came with ICS. Then I kept hearing dates for release. Obviously, April did not happen.
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