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Here it is, Folks. The One Word that Will Guarantee the Success of Google+!
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Good read. Only phrase that jarred a bit…

"Android spreading like a cancer"

Google is doing just what every other sensible business will do. But for some reason we want to apply different set of rules to Google....
Good point, didn't mean it in a negative way but I guess that was the wrong word to use. 
Ron W
Google+ is a great forum for active and useful discussions. In my opinion its way ahead of other social networks. I use it a lot. 
Google plus is all about search.It works wonders with live search.When ever you get bored on FB, you go play some games, but here live search never gets you bored.
good timing dude! am leading a Twitter chat tomorrow night about Google+- am gonna reference this :)
Nice article, and I certainly agree about the importance of mobile. Just look at the constant improvements that FB has to its Android app to see that everyone's looking to mobile.

But I think that there's a point being missed about G+ growth. G+ certainly has the techie market and it certainly has what let's call the early adopter market. It even has a lot of the tech-oriented business market. But sit on the bus as the high schools let out and it's not G+ that all the teenagers are using on their phones, it's Facebook.

More importantly, when was the last time you saw something on G+ that you didn't see in parallel on all the other systems? But how often do you see things on FB that you don't see anywhere else?

I venture to claim that G+ has gotten the users that tend to use anything good that comes out, but not those that choose one.
I responded to this on the post itself, will paste it here :) "Bruce, I disagree with pretty much every word of your comment, with all due respect 100 million users in 6 months is not something to belittle. In addition, to say that teenagers are using Facebook now so Google+ will not succeed in the future is downright ridiculous. As I wrote in the post, that is the same thing, word for word, people were saying about MySpace and Facebook. Google+ has MANY advantages over Facebook including hangouts, circles, simple privacy settings, and many more. I also disagree that there is not content on Google+ that does not appear elsewhere. Completely false in my personal experience.
Anecdotally, my teenage daughter and her friends are reducing their engagement with Facebook in favour of Twitter because that's where the celebs they idolise are.
dorio x
Google plus is the future. We have to wait for a few years, it will become no.1
+Bogdan Andrei they do allow many Google services to be signed into based on another e-mail address. But once they launched Android they started requiring a GMAIL address to be linked in to the user. I've always guessed that the more they integrate different services together the more it matters to have control over the e-mail in question. For Android this makes some sense, I'm not sure about for G+.
Great article +Hillel Fuld I think the one word that will leave Google+ the victor is ubiquity, and the mobile segment is a chess piece in a high stakes game.
+Hillel Fuld Spot on. MG is link baiting, imo. The fundamental question is "why wouldn't Google offer their own social network?" This myth that one place will solve all needs was destroyed completely back in the days of "AOL is the only site you'll need to chat and be social". AOL wasn't and neither is Facebook. I like Facebook... and Google+... and Twitter.... and Tumblr... and Pinterest. How boring and shallow life is when you only taste one fruit.
You may be right, but one thing I dislike in this world are monopolies. And although I do use many google products, I don't like it that every time something new comes up, they either try to buy it, or copy it. I'm sorry, I don't like that. I don't like one company absorbing everything, it's not fair and it's also quite boring. They can do whatever they like on their search engine, but again, it's not nice that they show themselves all over the first page. My opinion only. Cheers!
I've been following this G+ vs FB debate for quite a while now and honestly I have no idea what's going to happen in the long run. Both services have talented people behind them who can come up with great ideas that can change the game entirely.

It's important to note though that although MG Siegler might be wrong about the future, he's right in the sense that G+'s growth isn't organic. It's quite forced, and the main reason behind that is that Google had two failed social attempts before and they cannot afford to have a third one.

This forced growth results in people not using the service as it was originally intended. This idea about circles that sounds great in theory isn't working well in practice because you can't really categorize content based on interests since everyone posts about everything and people share their posts with everyone. The more people come over from FB, the more messy it will be, potentially making circles useless.

I don't know if this all poses any threat to G+, but I think it's worth mentioning because circles are supposed to be the big idea that sets G+ apart from FB.
+Hillel Fuld Any insights as to why Google+ doesn't have an iPad app available? Only an iPhone app exists and the other iPad apps are not made by Google (and some ask for username/password, etc). Also G+ on Safari is pretty decent on the iPad but not perfect, some issues.

Did Apple stop them from putting out an iPad app?
+Paul Goldstein I am wondering the same thing. An iPad app would be awesome. The iPhone app on the iPad 2x'ed is janky...
Has to be said that at the moment that the Facebook mobile experience is better than G+ Especially on low end devices where the G+ app fills up a huge chunk of memory and slows down the whole system.
+Alex Moore I agree... Even though he Google+ iPhone app is very basic, it crashes every single time I open it. The Facebook app is also quite buggy but at least it doesn't crash...
I disagree. Social networks is all about human and interacting. G+ needs to have a lot of advantages instead of one advantage.
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