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Did you know? This mom spends at least 60 minutes per week unclogging toilets in her house, and this mom is at the end of her rope. Haha, luckily, she has us on her side!

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Make sure you read Uncle Bill's tip on choosing the right heater before you purchase to save money!

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Are you curious what plumbing problems a plumber could fix and when to call them? Save our 24/7 number now (604)-879-1415, better be prepared than be soaked all day!

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Early detection is always a safe action to prevent a complete disaster coming! Uncle Bill's Hillcrest Plumbing is here to discuss how you can find leaking signs and the potential health risks that a leak can cause.

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Well, knowing these 18 tips doesn't make you cool at all, but at least it makes you practical and save some $$.

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Your laundry day has been so much easier compared to the past. We wrote this blog to let you know how to make your laundry day even simpler.

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Haha, imagine having a flood at home after a long day of work. Read this blog and see how you can spot the leakage early and have us fix it for you.

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Small habits can save big troubles. Read this blog and see how you can prevent it!

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6 Tips for selecting Plumbing fixtures!
Now that we officially got through selecting our plumbing fixtures, there were a few things I learned and advice I wanted to share with others looking to do the same. Check out these 6 tips for selecting plumbing fixtures. #renovation #interiordesign #plumbingtips

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5 warning signs of a plumbing leak! #Plumber  

• Running water sounds. If you hear the sound of water even when no one in your home is doing the dishes or taking a shower, you may have pipes that are beginning to leak. A no-brainer rule is that if you hear running water, it’s probably running somewhere.
• Unusually high water bills. Don’t just assume someone’s been falling asleep in the shower. Water bills shouldn’t vary much from month to month. If you’re starting to see spikes, it may be due to a leak. Compare your water bills from the same month last year to see if it’s jumped.
• Wet spots. Keep an eye out for moist spots or discolored areas in your flooring. If nothing has been spilled, these spots may be caused by leaking pipes. Take notice if the spots occur on the floor near sinks, tubs or other large pipelines.
• Musty smells. Leaking pipes cause damp spots, damp spots cause mold…and we all know that mold smells! Not only does it give off an unpleasing aroma, but it can be dangerous to inhale. If you’ve got a musty smell around your home despite frequent cleaning, you may have leaking pipes. Try to sniff out the source of the odor and see where it’s strongest. That can help you narrow down the source.
• Foundation cracks. It’s normal for houses to settle over the years, but if you’re suddenly starting to notice cracks in your foundation it may be due to a leak. Water leached from leaking pipes can weaken foundations and structural components of your home, causing foundations or walls to crack.
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