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Hillary DePiano
writer of fiction & non-fiction, e-commerce blogger known as The Whine Seller
writer of fiction & non-fiction, e-commerce blogger known as The Whine Seller


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A little proofreading goes a long way when it comes to looking professional while selling on eBay

Proofread everything Here’s what to do: Go through every bit of that text you went over in the last step and proofread it. While your company voice may deliberately play with grammar, you want to check for any unintentional errors as well as spelling and…

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"What if they change the name of my play and take my name off it and try to pass it off as their own what then, Hillary!!!???"

I covered this already in my Self-Publishing a Stage Play series in another post but this is far and away the most frequently asked question on this series so let’s have another go at it, shall we?

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How I am feeling about my writing right now:

If my records are correct, this July was my 9th Camp NaNoWriMo victory, lucky 13th time participating. While there’s a lot about the event that is wonky and ways it can improve, it’s still amazing how the accountability of having other people aware of my…

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If your eBay selling doesn't have a consistant logo or avatar, now's the time to get one made up!

Create a standard logo and avatar Mobile has made ecommerce more visual than ever before, and your logo is often a buyer’s first impression of your company. You want it to not only give a good one but also reflect your selling personality. Here’s what to…

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My husband says this graphic is very Monty Python-esqu. Not what I was going for specifically but I'll take the comparison as a compliment!

In all the moving / having a baby madness of the last year, I finished a play but forgot to actually tell anyone about it for almost an entire year! (Like, seriously 11 months almost to the day as I finished it on August 29th, 2016.) This play is The…

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From social media to press releases, you're called on again and again to provide a bio or profile for your company. Instead of writing one on the spot, write some pre-made ones in varying lengths that you can just grab and use wherever you need it them.

Write up an official biography for your company It’s time to properly introduce yourself to your ideal customer. Here’s what to do: Chances are you already have some kind of introduction to yourself or your company somewhere on your store already, maybe…

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Has your #CampNaNoWriMo effort stalled out? Let's talk about what to do when you've got no motivation left to finish your book...

You can always tell when I’m catching up on my inbox when I do a lot of mailbag posts in a row. Relatedly, here’s another one: We met last year during NaNoWriMo (October 2016) in preparation for our arduous month ahead. Thanks for all the great info. I…

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If all you want is an ISBN, you can buy a batch of them directly from with less fuss and expense than going through the whole self-publishing process.

Here’s another one from the old mailbag about self-publishing a stage play… I recently read your article about self-publishing and wanted to reach out and ask. I recently saw that several contests for schools require schools to perform one-act plays…

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Those top keywords you use in your eBay store? You should be using them everywhere! Social profiles, offsite websites, everywhere you are!

Optimize the keywords in your external presence Here’s what to do: Take a look at your social media presence, your external website, your blog or wherever else your company is beyond eBay. The same general rules apply to keywords here. Your social media…

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I just, like, have a lot of feelings on this Kermit recasting things, OK?

There was drama in the world of Muppets this week. Steve Whitmire, the puppeteer that Jim Henson himself personally trained and picked to succeed him in the role of Kermit the Frog, one of two original Muppet performers left, is no longer with the…
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