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Hillary Campbell
I don't follow the rules... I make my own.
I don't follow the rules... I make my own.

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West Los Angeles is so hazy and muggy today. That's great for headshots, but not so great for a sweaty gal like me. #gross #wheresautumn

Sick of Facebook. Trying out this Google+ thing again! Expect updates ;)

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Just put one foot in front of the other. You'll get there. And you'll fool everyone, because you'll look like you're totally sober.

Enjoying the cloudiness! Nice change from the blaring sunshine. ;)

Back to the drawing board...

Still working hard, still not telling anyone what I'm really up to. I'm mysterious like that.

Discovered something pretty exciting today: if you type "Los Angeles Headshots" into Google, I come up at the bottom of the FIRST page. #bigsmile

Client tomorrow from 12-4, a client from 4-5 and then I'm off to work at 7! Really, life? Couldn't you slow down just a little?
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