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Do your research about your particular roof project. Hill Roofing is a residential/commerical roofing contractor. Steve Hill has been in the business for over 30 years covering Texas homes since 1983. If you have any construction questions about your project, we have the answers.

Roof Inspections
Keep in mind if you’re buying or selling a home then a home inspection service is not qualified to assess storm related damages. Most of the time damage is not visible from the street, but only from the roof top.

Claims Assistance
Ask your roofing company if they have experience with your insurance company. Its best to hire a roofing contractor that can work with your insurance company and in your best interest. The insurance scope of work supercedes the roofing contractor’s and is sometimes not an accurate assessment of the actual damage. In this case you need someone in your court to work with the insurance company and get your damage repaired. This is why you pay for insurance in the first place.

Do not pay any money to your contractor until materials have been delivered. At that point half the amount of the total estimated price is sufficient until roof is complete. Once all work is complete then full final payment is in order.

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