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there comes a time when you find yourself in a +State-Unknown 
Hope you enjoy, and get to play it often. Peace

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State Unknown - Ed Case
Been A Long Time-State Unknown Remix
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i remember House ... do you remember House

Rozzano Davids, or DJ realROZZANO as he’s known, is one of the most revered figures in the local Music scene. His skill as a DJ and contribution to South African music cannot be overstated. He’s played an integral role in promoting and developing hip hop and house music since it’s arrival in our country and continues to do so to this day. 

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The Lost and Found Old Skool Exclusive - realROZZANO
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Much Respect!! Shane D head honcho of Stereo Flava Records KZN ZA

Tonight, the ever timely reminder 'Turn Off The Lights' by the late great TP will only leave carbon-footprints on the dance-floor. Peace.

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Teddy Pendergrass - You Can't Hide (Shane D Special Edit)
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#throwbackthursday  R.I.P Robert Palmer
On their "Johnny and Mary" cover, Todd Terje and Bryan Ferry [Roxy Music] deliver a lovingly dedicated homage and a remarkable discovery of a classic song's hidden possibilities.
TODD TERJE - Johnny And Mary (feat Bryan Ferry)
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Born to Shine: #NatashaWatts  eponymous debut album release, now available on +iTunes Apple
OUT NOW on @iTunes! The beautiful debut album from @natashawatts! Grab your copy! >>> #soulmusic #NuSoul #soul 
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Ciao +Marco Mei  #DJ   #Producer Thank you for your good spirit & support - Lunch is on me  +Bicycle Corporation  #Torino   #TapeiCity  
Marco Mei's profile photoHilgard Bergstedt's profile photo
I am really happy to have a friend like U .
Btw, Stefano is my partner of Bicycle Corporation and it is a young talent guy . he is really important for our project - 
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Where you at? In this juncture, there is wisdom here ... +2GoodSouls 
'mind your soul and move forward with power'
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2 Good Souls Deep Tech House Promo Mix 2014
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Saddled Up for the Grand Tour with +Bicycle Corporation +Marco Mei  
and special guests +2GoodSouls London UK on BeatLounge Radio +promobeatlounge 

Tune in from 4 pm - GMT+8 - CLICK TO LISTEN LIVE
and also check out Bicycle Corporation Artist page

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Are you ready to take your voice-overs to an exciting new level ? 
Introducing my respected friend +Colin Edwards +VoiceDrops Colin

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VoiceDrops Demo For DJ Intros
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+Boris Roodbwoy we pray for peace, strength to our brothers and sisters in the Ukraine and protect them from all harm. Amen
IMPORTANT! This is a message to all my English speaking friends asking me 'what the hell is going on in Ukraine, mate?'. The story is...

We had a president Yanukovich (sponsored by Russia). And trust me life wasn't sweet with him! Few months ago after his another step to the Russian side, people went to the streets for peaceful protests. Protests turned into civil war in the center of Kiev. And now Yanukovich is guilty of that mass murder. Ukraine's parliament has voted to remove president and set new elections to may. But Russia doesn't like the fact that Ukraine is not under Russian pressure anymore. So, Putin sends Russians (they tell journalists that they are just locals who want to live in Russia) to Ukraine to set anti-Ukrainian protests in Eastern and Southern cities. Russia is trying to convince the world that Ukraine wants to be the part of Russia which isn't truth of course. And now Russian troops have entered our country to provoke Ukraine into armed conflict. 

So, the point is that we are Ukrainians (not Russians)! We have friends and relatives in Russia and we love them. But we don't want to work for Russia or to turn to slaves of Russian Empire. We want to live in our own independent Ukraine and to decide ourselves to work with Russia, EU or USA. 

All these people you see on the photo are real Ukrainians that live in Odessa. And they gathered together in the city center for peace! Thank you, my friends, for taking your time and reading this! And, please, spread the word!
#ukraine   #russia    #yanukovich   #putin  #nowar #odessa   #kiev   #europe   #usa  
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With over two decades of experience, Hilgard remains a music enthusiast whose diverse taste and eagerness to preach the gospel of House is reflected in his expertise.

Music is... "a positive education and humbling experience"

It is an attitude that has seen him continue to set trends beyond the party, working as media and artist liason with national & international Labels, DJs/Producers, Musicians & Artists - for Hilgard the future is sound & the party has only just begun.
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