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High Octane Ride
Get fit in 2 minutes per week, without sweat.
Get fit in 2 minutes per week, without sweat.


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Read our new blog on the benefits of High Intensity Training!
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Last day #LIW2014 & we've had some great results. We will be handing a champaign bottle for best scores but none for breaking a sweat!

Excited for the Fitness Industry Week :)
Man have we got something special for you guys!

It's coming up to 2015, only 3 months away!
High octane ride wants to know how far you are on that new years resolution...
Never too late!

Keep fit the smart way
High Octane Ride

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What to do with all your free time now you use H.O.R to keep fit?
Womans day has some suggestions :)

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Customer didn't need to buy new trainers because she uses H.O.R...

So she got these instead!

H.O.R Provides analyses of your heart rate, power output and generates an "Octane Score" which measures power output per heartbeat.

It's a great feeling, spending half the time on something and getting better results.
Don't just do. Think, research and then act.

The 2013 Fitness Programs & Equipment Trends Report from IDEA reported over 90% of fitness professionals are using HIIT.

Are you on board?
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