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How to Identify High Quality Unfinished Furniture
Selecting a high quality piece of unfinished furniture is key for owners who are looking to have that piece for a number of years. There are also certain things to look for and here are some ways you can identify high quality unfinished furniture . Solid Wo...

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Ways to Decorate Unfinished Furniture
One of the best parts about buying unfinished furniture is that you can finish it however you choose. That can include more than just simple stain or paint, but also your favored designs, stencils and colors. Here’s a look at three unique ways to decorate y...

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How to Stain Unfinished Furniture
Staining is an important part of finishing a piece of unfinished furniture . After the wood has been prepped, there are steps to follow when it comes time to apply a stain. Stains are used to improve the grain of the wood by a significant amount. From an ae...

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How to Give New Wood an Antiquated Look
Before & After: distressed stain finish on wood Unfinished furniture does not always have to be painted or stained to look as though it were brand new. There are ways to provide new furniture with an old, antique look. Here are some ways to turn new real wo...

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The Benefits of Buying Unfinished Furniture
Dresser from the Bay Harbor collection A common question asked when buying unfinished furniture is why should you make such a purchase? The answer is simple. There are a long line of benefits that come with buying unfinished furniture and here is a look at ...

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Things to Know About Real Wood in Unfinished Furniture
Buying and working with unfinished furniture may be a bit of a new concept
to some people. There is always some work to do after making a purchase, but
this type of furniture can add a tremendous amount of charm to any home. Here
are some important things t...

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How to Decide What Color Stain to Use on Unfinished Furniture
There are lots of options to choose from when selecting a stain for your unfinished furniture from Hickory NC . The first thing to consider is whether or not you want to match the color with another furniture item in your home. You may even choose to match ...

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Why Choosing Wax Over Oil Can Benefit Your Wood Furniture
The process of finishing your own piece of wood furniture is an exciting one as you are able to give the piece its own kind of character. Taking an unfinished Hickory furniture item and finishing it as your own also creates a wonderful conversation piece fo...
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