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High Heel Healing for Foot Pain Relief, Back Support & Posture
Information, images, exercises & stretches to teach your feet how to better support your spine in the often challenging endeavor of wearing high heels.
Information, images, exercises & stretches to teach your feet how to better support your spine in the often challenging endeavor of wearing high heels.


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There are quite a variety of fitness methods nowadays which employ strong dance elements in order for practitioners to achieve better balance and posture and grace - as well as strength and muscle tone.

The Pilates Method early on helped many dancers and aficionados of dance by employing principles which adhere more to an artistic dance perspective: elements of precision and control - which are in line with pursuits of artistic athletes rather than gym go-ers. 

As a solo performer - AKA - writer, actor, dancer of the One Man Show variety - I have used dances which I choreographed specific to the strength I possessed as a dancer.

The video below is one act from the first solo show I performed in NYC - almost 20 years ago. I wore character heels for the dances because the show revolved around me telling stories from teen years and young adulthood in which gender exploration fueled my artistry strongly. My artistic exploration was in part to help myself heal from hurts inflicted by people who could not deal with me as a man simply because I had a strong feminine side of me. So to show strength as a dancer as a vital element in performing the show, I could become empowered within myself rather than becoming  

As I am a "new" author in terms of self-publishing an e-book which is a source of guidance for using the feet - and particularly the heels of the feet - to resolve foot issues in order to heal from pain and to become more empowered with improved posture, I hope to show in this video of a performance sides of me in which people will trust me in the perception and witnessing of me healing myself leads to me being able to help heal others. 

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Great news! Now you can use an iPhone to be able to read my e-book: "High Heel Healing: Using the Feet & Legs Efficiently for Improving Posture and Enhancing Exercise & Sports."

Whereas before, you needed an iPad or Mac to read it, you can now read it in your iPhone with iOS 8.4 or later. Also make sure that you have either downloaded the r latest version of the iBooks App from iTunes or update the iBooks App you have already on your iPhone. 

From your iPhone, click on to this link:

From this page you'll be able to read a description, see sample page screenshots and peruse the reviews which give this e-book a perfect Five Star Rating.

Then click on the price and "Buy Book" to purchase and download this interactive e-book which gives a multitude of information about the feet, legs, hips and spine - whether you wear high heels or not.

Men and women, laymen and teachers can get easy to understand and fully illustrated information about their bodies.

There are over 500 images and 12 videos. 

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Heart & Sole: Give the gift of heel-ing to someone you love & cherish. A unique Valentine present for any woman who wears high heels - or any person who experiences foot issues - please check out my new e-book. It's already been given an assortment of Five Star Reviews on iBooks.
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Learning how to strengthen knee function - to recover from an injury - or to gain longer leg lines - or to increase hamstrings strength for sports such as running or cycling - or to improve your posture - has so much to do with using the heels more efficiently. Heel "leverage" is a very subtle initiation and intention as opposed to a muscling force.

The heel levering "action" is more of a mindful and sensory directional force as opposed to any sort of pushing-back or leaning-weight-on. You can use a leverage of the heels - what I refer to as "heel-ing" - in any kind of knee-bending movements - from ballet pliés - to squats at the gym - to the yoga asana known as chair pose - even in challenging balance positioning exercises such as Pilates teaser.

A trainer may tell a client to "put more weight in the heels" for squats or a ballet teacher may tell dancers to "resist with the heel" for tendu. But it's more of a subtle expanding-back of the subtle heel's form back away from the arch and ankle which is created from sensing the surface of the floor or yoga mat or even filling-out the back of the form of the sneakers you're wearing while you work out.    

If you learn to leverage from the heels instead of releasing from the knee caps, you're much less apt to overuse the quadriceps - and much more likely to engage the more-powerful support of the hamstrings. As well, when you focus on a subtle levering of the heels as the initiation for any form of knee-bending, the two heels have a stable relationship to the central tail bone - and this will help you find better balance - because the spinal line is more-supported.

You'll discover hundreds more annotated illustrations like the one featured here - as well as hundreds more photos of bodies in motion and videos of simple stretches and sitting exercises in the e-book: High Heel Healing: Using the Feet & Legs Efficiently for Improving Posture and Enhancing Exercise & Sports available on iBooks for iPad or Mac. This enhanced e-book is not merely for women who wear high heels, nor is it merely for women. There is vast information about the feet, legs, hips and spine which both men and women can use to better-understand how to perform common exercises and increase their effectiveness. There is also wisdom for improving all posture: sitting, standing, walking, running and cycling.

Click the link below and then press "View in iBooks" to read a great assortment of Five-Star Reviews from Pilates and yoga teachers, a stage vocalist, a ceramicist, and a woman who wear high heeled boots on a daily basis. Whether you perform moves in exercise classes while barefoot or you need better support in any kind of footwear, this e-book grants a variety of approaches to better foot usage. It costs less than one session of most group exercise or fitness classes - and the information and imagery in the e-book will revolutionize the way you use your feet - and thus make all of the exercise and sports you perform more efficient - for years to come.  

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Safer Knee Bending & Improving Knee Function
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Thanks so much to people who have recently become followers of this High Heel Healing Google + page as well as long-time followers! Please take time to check out the e-book High Heel Healing: Using the Feet & Legs Efficiently for Improving Posture and Enhancing Exercise & Sports by Herald - now available on iBooks.
Read the assortment of Five Star Reviews of the e-book from Pilates teachers, dancers, yoga instructors, a stage vocalist, a ceramicist and a woman who wears high heeled boots on an almost daily basis. Read about how the info,  illustrations and images in this well-written comprehensive video-enhanced e-book can be used to assist better posture, help to deepen exercise benefits, and create more comfort in any footwear. The foot function wisdom can also help with sports and other fitness pursuits like running and cycling.
Click the link below for the iTunes preview and then select "View in iBooks" to read all six of the high ranking reviews as well as see preview pages of the iBook.

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Releasing the deep hip rotator muscle called the #piriformis is truly essential for improving #posture - as well as for sciatica pain relief, to help heal piriformis syndrome and even to help diminish cellulite and combat saddlebags. 

Cross-legged stretches can be performed prone - as shown in the sample e-book page photo below - or sitting upright - or in the yoga asana known as pigeon pose.

When a cross-legged stretch is performed while lying on the back, it's most beneficial to the sacrum - which is one of the places where the piriformis is attached - to anchor the support leg by carefully propping one heel on a stability ball. Rather than pulling the leg in towards the torso and flattening the lumbar spine, use the fingers to draw the hamstrings strength down on to the stability of the sits bone. Then focus on extending the subtle length of the lumbar thru the sacrum and out the tail in a subtle arc.

You will find detailed information about how to improve the benefits and performance of certain stretches - which you're already familiar with or may have been already performing for years - in the e-book High Heel Healing: Using the Feet & Legs Efficiently for Improving Posture and Enhancing Exercise & Sports.

The heels-to-hamstrings-to-hips relationships have an integrity which works in any exercise program - from #pilates to #yoga - to running on a #treadmill to performing #squats at the gym. 

Read Five Star reviews of the e-book and preview other sample pages: Click the link below and then press "View in iBooks."
Then please purchase this enhanced e-book for yourself.

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In this video are snippets of three videos from the e-book High Heel Healing: Using the Feet & Legs Efficiently for Improving Posture and Enhancing Exercise & Sports. You'll preview a sitting activity which utilizes the feet on the floor for heel leverage to grant sits bones stability and hamstrings strength; a prone-position stability ball exercise with the heels on the ball to assist with deepening the femur bones into the hip socket stability and granting release of tight hip flexors or psoas; and a cross-legged sitting movement to release a deep hip rotator called the piriformis which assists with sciatica and low back pain relief thru improving sacroiliac stability or sacral mobility. #psoas   #hippain   #backpainrelief   #sciatica   #highheels   #feet   #footpainrelief   #footpain   #heels   #Pilates   #posture   #fitness   #stabilityballexercises   #stabilityball   #hamstrings     

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Read a testimonial from a woman who healed chronic hip inflammation - as well as read Five Star Reviews of the e-book High Heel Healing: Using the Feet & Legs Efficiently for Improving Posture and Enhancing Exercise & Sports. Within the blog posting is detailed a process experienced by a seasoned yoga practitioner and dancer - she learned how to use her heels more efficiently in walking and practicing yoga asanas in order to help release her tight hip flexor muscles - or psoas. She purchased, read and practiced the principles in the High Heel Healing E-Book by Herald which guided her into relieving herself of chronic hip pain. The e-book helps with relieving foot pain, hip pain and back pain whether you wear high heels or go barefoot in yoga and Pilates exercise and fitness studios. Read the five reviews on the iBooks preview page for High Heel Healing to see how it has worked for a professional stage vocalist and a ceramicist who stands all day.
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The psoas: a key hip flexor muscle: deeply-acquaint your self with it. In this linked blog posting, you'll learn from a testimonial experience how a woman was able to heal her hips from chronic inflammation and pain by using her heels more efficiently to release tight hip flexor muscles. She utilized "heel-to-hip" and "femur deepening" principles presented in simple sitting activities as well as in Pilates-informed stability ball movements. However, she also read and studied the new e-book: High Heel Healing: Using the Feet & Legs Efficiently for Improving Posture and Enhancing Exercise & Sports. It's not that she needed the heel-ing healing from walking all day in high heels. It's that she needed to alter the way she was performing movements in dance classes and yoga asanas so that her thigh bones weren't being pulled out of the hip socket stability - but instead, could deepen back into the hip socket resilience. However, the information she utilized could be just as well-utilized by runners and cyclists - because learning how to release the part of the psoas that folds over the hip gives better access to the deeper part of the muscle which is attached to the lumbar spine. This grants deep core strength support and takes body weight off of the legs. There are several preview pages from the e-book in the blog posting - as well as key anatomical images of the femurs and the psoas hip flexor muscle. And there is a preview video which shows snippets from several videos featured in the e-book detailing how to deepen the femurs while sitting upright or with the heels on a stability ball. A more-advanced cross-legged sitting stretch helps release the deep hip rotator: the piriformis - which assists with sacroiliac joint pain and sciatica. However, as the blog posting recommends at the end - which comes from this overwhelmingly positive healing experience - do purchase and read the High Heel Healing e-book for the full benefits of this heel-ing wisdom.

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