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Hickory Wireless is well known for Flashing phones, talk text and web to Page Plus Cellular, Cricket, Straight Talk and Carolina West / Bark.  But we also repair desktop and laptop computers, create and maintain websites, and specialize in a little thing I call WPM: "Web Presence Management."  These days you or your company (or both) are on the web, like it or not.
The key is to take the bull by the horns and have the public see your business as you would have it be presented, not as some generic listing company saw fit in order to make a dime by listing a bunch of stuff and selling ads on the columns. 
We are Microsoft Certified Small Business Specialists and Google AdWords Certified.  Our Experience with AdSense earns us a health check each month also, by the way, and I can absolutely explain and help to create such a self spinning wheel of income in your realm of expertise or niche.
Give us a call- we are currently moving and have not decided on a retail location, thus we are meeting by appointment at this time and doing on-site, in home and at-the-office work to suit your time and convenience goals and needs.

Call us- remember- we get paid, porportionally to how much money we SAVE YOU every month on your communications, entertainment and data bills..

828-FOR-CELL  (828-367-2355)

My cell you may text or call at: 704-960-3249

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Cricket Announces New Marketing Campaign Aimed at AT&T & Verizon Customers

~ 'Half is More' Campaign Asks Consumers Why They Would Pay More for The Same Thing

 May 22, 2013  -- Cricket Communications, Inc announced a new advertising campaign that challenges wireless giants Verizon and AT&T. The campaign entitled 'Half is More', urges consumers to ask themselves why they are spending more for the same thing and is aimed at those who are looking for a better deal on wireless but not willing to compromise on great devices and service. The launch of the Half is More campaign demonstrates that Cricket is out to prove that most wireless customers are simply overpaying. Cricket just announced the addition of the Samsung GS4 to its already attractive line-up of popular smartphones.

"Most wireless customers have been misled to believe the only way to get the phones and plans they need is to give up control and overpay the likes of AT&T and Verizon," said Tyler Wallis, senior vice president of product and marketing at Cricket #Communications. "Cricket is challenging consumers and asking the question that if you can pay only half and get the same thing, why wouldn't you?"
The 'Half Is More' campaign is rolling out now across digital, print, retail, out-of-home and social media, with television advertising beginning June 3, 2013.
Each campaign element will bring to life the affordability message throughout the summer. Online videos, TV, radio & cinema demonstrate the "moment of truth" when real people in everyday scenarios realize that Half is More.  Along with out-of-home, the retail experience – both online and in-store – will further drive home the comparison to #AT&T and #Verizon, and highlight the breadth of Cricket's devices and other products and services customers want and need. #SocialMedia engagement via Facebook and Twitter (#WhatsYourMore) will spark online conversation; and local market activations in Cricket markets across the country will connect consumers directly with the campaign.
For more information about Cricket's dynamic service and newest device lineup and to check for availability, visit To follow Cricket's latest news and updates online, visit Facebook at and Twitter at

About Cricket:
Cricket is the pioneer and leader in delivering innovative value-rich prepaid wireless services with no long-term contracts. Cricket offers nationwide wireless voice and mobile data services over high-quality, all-digital 4G (LTE) and 3G CDMA wireless networks. In our local, Hickory area however, they use mostly AT&T's network, which is scant at best currently. ( #PagePlus is the only #prepaid carrier with Verizon's #LTEcoverage coast to coast.) However, Cricket's innovative products and services including the award-winning #MuveMusic - the first music service designed for a #wirelessphone, are available #nationwide at #Cricket branded retail stores, dealers, national retailers and at For more information about Cricket, please visit
SOURCE Cricket Communications, Inc.

Reposted by Hickory Wireless (Vanderbloemen Communications, Inc)- Mark Vanderbloemen

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Hey, what is the best way to double a website- one in English and another completely in Spanish?  Wouldn't Google more quickly find a site in Spanish if the search query was submitted in Spanish?
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Recycle unused phones at Hickory Wireless or in one of many recepticles that will be distributed to local churches and municiple buildings.  This allows us to offer free phones for those who cannot afford one.
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This forum will hopefully find some of you genius-types who can explain STRAIGHT TALK UP how and what to use... Many You Tube Videos spend most of it showing you that they actually DID what the video says they did... Well duh hee. HOW do you get an iPhone 4 (CDMA from Sprint- Clean ESN) to Page Plus, or Verizon for that matter?  How do you get a bad ESN, same phone, to Cricket?  Can you get it to Page Plus, or does Metro alone take this dare willingly?  If so great- I'm a business person with a hungry, yet beautiful 3 year old daughter.  I'll start posting bad ESN phones in ATL where my brother lives.  Charlotte, NC- Metro?  Don't Know.  But the Question of this day along with that iPhone (BB 6.1.2 - so I've got it jailbroken already) but all my others are 6.1.3.  The significance is large.  For a long tme no one could jailbreak that baseband.  You can do so now, however. 

Tell me this- can I copy the IPSW and other necessary elements from the iPHone I have jailbroken, back it up, and restore it to the other base bands, thus changing their basebands and jailbreaking them at the same time?

Any people with services to do this- come advertise here!  Put up your ad- I'm looking for a $20 flasher now!   That sounded bad, but you've got what I mean. 

I have two Sprint EVO 4G's (3D cameras) that are completely sweet!, In fact I've considered getting a Sprint account, despite it's weak functioning signal in my neck of the woods- check as I'm going to have a nice site there related to that.  But Sprint offered a free iPhone 5- that I'd use for a month and sell, because besides the aforementioned, I have an Epic 4G, a Kiocera Rise and another iPhone that has a clean ESN for Sprint.  I can't sell those evos for $50 here!  The iPhone's been listed as low as $100- clean ESN- and now back at $125..... No buyers... If it were Verizon, it'd be gone, which is why I chose to get a Page Plus dealership, but I'll be getting H20, Cricket, of all ones- and I'm considering Metro to get my bro to run in Atlanta.  I'm going to sell all sorts of 3G phones- the Droid X2, Incredible 2, the OLD Razr, which I had to hook up myself and have one- I love it... I"ve got a flip phone again!

But let's FlashActivate, I"ll not regulate, and you infiltrate and demonstrate so we can all compensate for your talents of late- namely flashing, hacking, jailbreaking, unlocking, EXPLAINING and suggesting. 


Mark Vanderbloemen, Ceo
Vanderbloemen Communications
dba- Hickory Wireless, 828-221-1414 / 828-MIX-PLUS  (G+ page)
And our effort for mother Earth: has a good local explanation and directions...

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Contact Information
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1245 2nd St NE Hickory, NC 28601
1245 2nd St NEUSNCHickory28601
(828) 212-4817
Cell Phone Store, Electronics Repair Shop
Cell Phone Store
Electronics Repair Shop
Website Designer
Recycling Center
Computer Repair Service
Today 1:00 – 7:30 pm
Monday 10:00 am – 9:00 pmTuesday 10:00 am – 9:00 pmWednesday 10:00 am – 9:00 pmThursday 10:00 am – 9:00 pmFriday 10:00 am – 9:00 pmSaturday 11:00 am – 9:30 pmSunday 1:00 – 7:30 pm

Hickory Wireless ( 828-FOR-CELL) is a Page Plus Authorized dealer, offering Simple Mobile, TracFone, Telcel, H20, Bark Mobile and all other refills for prepaid cellular services.  We buy, sell and recycle cell phones of all brands.  On our website you may refill your prepaid account or upgrade and add lines to premium carrier's accounts (Verizon Wireless, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile), purchase new, previously owned, and refurbished equipment and find knowledge to find the best, lowest priced cell phone to put on your account with whichever carrier you use. WE CAN FLASH YOUR PHONE WITH PROFESSIONAL PROVISIONING SOFTWARE- COME FROM SPRINT TO PAGE PLUS, GET BETTER COVERAGE AND PAY $30 A MONTH PER LINE LESS!  Provisioning (flashing cell phones) is one of our strengths for which we are well known locally, due to our solid background in computer software, hardware, programming and technology which supports mobile broadband.)  We activate Verizon phones on no contract plans starting at $12/mo.  Though we have a few websites, such as (which will eventually be targeted more broadly geographically) and (local interests and plenty of information to assist in a purchasing decision, including services other than Page Plus Cellular. There is a blog at with thoughts, suggestions, news, ideas, re-blogs and latest releases regarding the use of technology with a goal of saving money.  Finally, is a site which contains information about our computer services, including e-waste management and electronics recycling....Loose power jacks, cracked screens in cell phones and laptops are not a problem.  We are able to fix mobile devices for typically less than the average mobile broadband insurance deductable, which is around $125, by the way.  Computer / PC/ Laptop/ Server/ and home Media Server solutions can be asked about by calling Home PC Media at: 828-212-4817.
   With many people using the latest of Verizon's 4G LTE lineup of phones, the iPhone 3Gs, 4, 4s and 5, you won't sacrifice quality handsets to come to Page Plus, as we have the same phones here. Bring the same phone you're currently using at Verizon and we will hook it up- use your same phone number, you will have the same service, and you will pay at least $30 per line less each month with no contract.  If you have a contract currently, consider how many months it would take, saving $30 -  $50 monthly per line, to get rid of Verizon and salvage a good credit score. In the Hickory, Lenoir, Morganton, Bethlehem and Taylorsville areas, you're guaranteed to find the same service as you would using Verizon, and this level continues across the United States, from coast to coast!

If you doubt this, allow me to GIVE you a phone and pay $12 to put it on the lowest cost plan, which has 250 minutes, 250 texts and 10 megabytes of data.  Take it where you work, live and play, and decide for yourself, could you use an average of $40 a month extra through savings? ($480 Annually?  $4,800 in ten years?? That's $9,600 for two lines.... How much cash would you need to invest to earn $10,000 in a decade?)

We repair screens on iPhones with an Apple Certified Technician, and we can change any broken screen for a typical $50 -$70 charge. 

We sell new phones in the box, such as the HTC Incredible II, the Droid X2 (which I use personally and will until some great, different product is released- I find the X2 to be unbeatable across many fronts).  All of our phones come with warranties, unless they are used, at which time you my elect to purchase inexpensive insurance to cover the cost of the phone, should it break or need repair. 

We are here to sit down with you and discuss your options.  We can offer Internet, Television, DSL, and Direct TV services, as well as suggest home phone service costing $10 per month. 

Thank you,

Mark Vanderbloemen, Ceo
Vanderbloemen Communications, Inc

( Hickory Wireless- Page Plus Auth Dealer &
Home PC Media- Website Design, SEO and Hosting)


Phone:  828-221-1414
828-FOR-CELL (or 828-367-2355)
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My Google Maps ha e some technical problem, pls. Review my Google maps
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Derek Mintz
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Very knowledgeable and less expensive than a lot of the arm twisting ripoffs around ! Thanks