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The Local Stack – Next Level of #Local #SEO Evolution

How the new Local Pack Display will impact your Local SEO Strategy?

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Une toute première version, toutes les suggestions sont les bienvenues.

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Here’s what you missed while calculating how much money you earned over the past few months listening to “Serial” during work hours… #content #marketing

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Hard Core Local SEO Audit Resources for Local Search Consultants -  If you do local search, then Local SEO audits are likely the foundation of everything you do - or they should be at least. Audits help you size up where the client is at and formulate a plan that will net the best results. But doing an audit can be painful and time consuming if you don't have your ducks in a row. The following info will help!

I just read a great post by +Phil Rozek  on the topic of Local Search Audits, so I wanted to share. Then I realized we have several other great audit resources, so thought I'd pull the best of the best together for you. Also featuring posts from +Dan Leibson and +Casey Meraz.

#googlelocal #localsearch #localseo #seo

Image credit for G+ share image: Website Magazine -

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Where Did the Future Go?  David Graeber vs. Peter Thiel

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This blew my mind a little bit today.

All of the planets in our solar system can fit the space between our very own Earth and Moon.  BOOM!

We would even have just enough space left over for Pluto. :)

Here are the numbers....

Mercury 4,879 
Venus 12,104 
Mars 6771 
Jupiter 139 822 
Saturn 116 464 
Uranus 50 724 
Neptune 49 244 
TOTAL 380 008 
Distance Earth-Moon 384,400 
Pluto 2,300 

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Here's What Google Search Without Author Photos Looks Like

The rollout of the new Google search with author photos removed just hit me. There is a slight difference between logged out and personalized search.

Logged Out of Google
In non-personalized search, as predicted, only a byline shows. It appears right under the site URL and in line with the beginning of the meta description. 

I'm seeing a lot of bylines for certain queries, more than there were author photos in those queries earlier today. That is in line with what +John Mueller said in yesterday's Webmaster Central Hangout, that for now all one needs to get a byline is a correct Authorship connection on the page that Google can parse. No more differentiation of "better" authors as there was when you could have a photo or a byline.

Personalized Search
The big news for personalized (logged in to your Google account) search is that _author photos may still show for Google+ posts by people you have in your circles. See the example for +Joshua Berg below. Every other authorship result now looks just like those in the logged out search example.

UPDATE: According to +Joshua Berg (See the appearance of these author photos for Google+ posts is dependent upon the author's relevancy to you, with relevancy defined by how high up they appear in the relevancy sort of your circles. In other words, not every post by everyone in your circles will get an author photo, but those by people more "relevant" to you have a better chance of receiving one.

This means another huge advantage for those who are active on Google+ and who have built a large following. You will stand out even more in relevant searches for people who are in your network, especially since there will be no other author photos crowding out yours!

#googleauthorship   #authorship   #googleauthorrank   #authorrank  

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Wonderful infographic from the Washington Post showing what happens to your body if sat at a desk all day, and ways to avoid / fix the problems

#infographic #sittingdangers #healthyliving #sittingdisease #washingtonpost #badposture #badpositioning  

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