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Unwanted Passengers – Bed Bugs!

When we think of these little pests, we always think of beds or other types of furniture. But vehicle infestations are more common than you’d imagine. They can happen especially if the car is used to sleep in for any period of time. People travel more in the summer months and this would most likely be the time for these possible passengers. They can be easily carried into your car or home from dragging luggage from hotel to car, or transporting purchases from garage sales and flea markets. What attracts these bugs to people is the carbon dioxide that we breathe and our warmth. But they can stay alive for a year without a bloodmeal.

If You Suspect Bed Bugs, Call Hi-Tech Pest Control for Your Free Inspection!

These insects don’t fly or jump, but they are adventurous, and do have very small, flat bodies. This makes it easy for them to slide through very tiny places, and get just about anywhere. If you suspect they are in your car, the first thing to do is remove all hiding places like trash and clutter. Inspect under seats and along the seams. Also, thoroughly check you glove compartment, the center console, any dark spaces. Remember to check side pockets, back pockets, and floorboards. Use tape to lift debris from floor mats, rugs, crevices for signs of these pests. Look closely for dark spots and blood stains, or shed exoskeletons.

Remember that these pests bite, so if you’ve seen any small bumps on exposed areas on your body that itch and look like bright red welts, you may have been bitten by bed bugs.

Vacuum everything! Steam cleaning is highly recommended. Strongly consider having this professionally done along with treatment by a trained pest exterminator. Afterwards, strive to keep it clean and tidy. If you’ve never been bothered by these “passengers”, keep it that way by keeping your car free from clutter, cleaned and vacuum it regularly. You do want to know who rides along in your car with you! Our pest control company has been helping local Michigan residents for over 30 years. We handle all types of pest control issues including commercial and residential pest extermination, call today for your free inspection!

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Just Encase – Bed Bug Precautions

How can you protect yourself from bed bugs whether you already have them or don’t, yet? Proof of being bitten doesn’t mean that they like other family members more than you. Not everyone reacts to their bites. You can be bitten and have no idea at all. Bite marks and itching are an allergic reaction, especially in Michigan!

If you know you have bed bugs, professional help is the way to go, ensuring they are eradicated throughout your home. A treatment might be applied to your mattresses and box springs and these must dry thoroughly. When it comes to your bedding, you have a few choices.

For the first stage of life for bed bugs, they are about the size of a speck of dust.

Hatching later, the problem still exists. Professional treatment generally requires more than one visit. Your bedding can be thrown out and purchase new ones, but that can be expensive. Encasing them may be the way to go.

Box springs from the United States have a set style to them. They can be notorious for harboring bed bugs with all the crevices of wood, bolts, and fabric. These bugs should not be able to live inside mattresses unless they are torn. Some feel that the mattress encasements are actually more sturdy and should also be the ones used for box springs. Encasements make it easier to inspect for signs of these creatures.

Cheaper, poorly designed encasements give a false sense of security. When purchasing them for both your mattress and box spring, it is important to choose ones that have been tested by entomologists. Some tests of fabric included the use of starving bed bugs zipped in with a human leg on top, making sure they couldn’t eat their way through. Some encasements also have added protection called “bug lock”. These types have a fabric channel of a foam backing along and at the top of the zipper. It is also crucial that zipper teeth are gapless, as well as leaving no space when closed. This is a good preventative measure to keep bed bugs from entering or exiting. The longest time known for them to go without eating is eighteen months. This cover needs to stay put.

Prior to covering your mattress and box spring, you need to protect them from tearing by covering sharp corners of bed frames with foam or duct tape. It is important to inspect your encasements often for tears. Added protection of a padded mattress cover can keep any pets from tearing those covers. Always air on the side of caution! If you suspect that you have bed bugs, please contact us today for residential or commercial pest control services! We offer a 6 month warranty and free bed bug inspections, call our Troy MI now 248-569-8001. We service all of SE Michigan and surrounding communities.

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How Do Bugs Survive Winter?

Many insects survive the frigid cold temperatures, such as Michigan, by hibernating or migrating. The monarch butterfly travels all the way to central Mexico to hibernate in masses on trees. Monarchs that were living west of the Rockies travel to Santa Barbara, California for their hibernation. Many moths take off to warmer areas as well.

Most insects hibernate, but not all in the same life cycle stage. Some bugs, like bees, termites, lady beetles, group together among their own kind in protected areas for warmth to wait out the freezing temps. Ants do eat to put on some fat, then often head below the frost line and huddle around the queen as they live off their stored fat and carbs.

Many insects go into a long-term state of suspension (diapause) that synchronizes with different stages of life cycles. Within the first cycle, praying mantises, crickets, some mosquitoes remain dormant as eggs within the soil until spring. Spending the winter in the second stage, or larvae, are wooly bear caterpillars. They curl up in thick layers of leaves. Some flies and mosquitoes are dormant in this stage as well. The third stage as a pupa, are resting flies, the black swallowtails within their chrysalises emerge as butterflies in the spring. Numerous moths develop during this time within their cocoons. Mourning Cloak butterflies hibernate as adults, tucking into loose bark or tree cavities. This adult stage is true for some mosquitoes. Having mated in the fall, the male dies. The female finds a hidden protected area until spring and searches for that first bloodmeal so her eggs can develop.

Another adaptation for some insects is the development of their own antifreeze. In the fall their bodies produce higher levels of glycerol, giving them a super cooling ability. Tissues and cells aren’t damaged when bodily fluids drop below freezing. Those glycerol levels drop as spring arrives.

Now there are a number of pests that find another place for winter, your home. Cockroaches, scorpions, spiders slip into wall voids and attics. Those left in the wilderness seek refuge in hollow logs or cavities in nature. The silverfish is a whole other story. They stay active all year long and live for three years. Loving high humidity, munching on paper and synthetic fibers. Catching them early is crucial.

Spring, such a lovely time to see renewed life and enjoy the outdoors. But not all forms of life make our lives enjoyable. Get ready. They’re coming soon. If you have a commercial or residential pest control problem or are looking for pest control services in Michigan, look no further. Hi-Tech Pest control can handle all your pest control needs. Contact us today for a free inspection at 248-569-8001.

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Bed Bugs and a Case of Mistaken Identity

Bed bugs are not welcomed guests! Well, any bug is not a welcome guest when it comes to humans and their dwellings!!! If you see little creepy crawlers in your home, hotel, or camper, how can you tell whether they are or are not bed bugs? There are bugs that look a lot like them. They all belong to the cimicidae family. Accurate eradication requires correct identification.

Poultry bugs closely resemble bed bugs. These are also referred to as Mexican chicken bugs. They live on poultry farms and are parasites of birds and domestic fowl. Sometimes, owners of chicken coops have been confused with outbreaks of bugs. Some have had hitchhikers quickly trailing down their head and necks. These, often times are spiders, mites, and not bed bugs. Often scaring owners to apply lice treatments, not certain of what else to do.

Bat bugs, pretty much a twin of bed bugs by the looks of them, and also feasts on blood. They are very particular about feasting specifically on bats, not humans. They tend to live in abandoned nests of bats, birds, and small mammals.

Swallow bugs, similar to the bed bug with the exception of long, silky hairs upon close inspection. Now, they can feed on humans although it is not their preferred food. These bugs dwell in the nests of swallows and human dwellings when birds migrate. When swallows build nests outside hotels, or our homes, we can get nasty visitors. It can be quickly assumed that there is an infestation of bed bugs, when it might actually be a swallow bug invasion. In this situation, treatments to eradicate bed bugs won’t solve the problem. When the swallows are away, the exterminators can play (so to speak) by first removing their nests so they don’t return and then by treating the exterior of the structure.

Remember that there are look-alikes out there when it comes to those nasty little pests that lurk in the night! Don’t start a new hobby, or dabble in the unknown, call the professionals! At Hi-Tech Pest Control, we have over 30 years experience in treating for bed bugs, and offer the best warranty in the business! Call today for your free inspection.

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Bye Bye Bed Bugs

They come out in the dark of night while you’re in a deep, deep sleep. After piercing your skin, your blood is withdrawn through an elongated beak. Their meal lasts three to ten minutes, crawling away only after fully engorged. Waking up itchy, with multiple bites grouped together or in a line, you may come to the realization that you have unwanted creatures . . . bed bugs! Now what?

Well, the good news is that they don’t pass on diseases, and you treat the itchy area much like a mosquito bite. The bad news is that they can live up to a year without another meal. Although these pests invade both clean and dirty places, a thorough cleaning is the first step. 

Hi-Tech Pest Control has successfully helped thousands of clients throughout Michigan get rid of bed bugs for good!

Signs of their existence is most commonly in the seams of the mattress. Wash all bedding (curtains too) in hot water and dry on the hottest setting. Place anything that can’t be washed such as stuffed animals, shoes, etc. in the hot dryer for thirty minutes. If your bed has these pests, the best thing is to get rid of the mattress, as well as the box spring!!! But you can thoroughly vacuum these (especially where its stapled into wooden frame). Then encase both of them in tightly woven zippered covers. This will prevent any from leaving or new ones from entering. Next place the vacuum cleaner bag in a plastic bag and into the trash outdoors.

The cleanup is far from done. You will want to thoroughly vacuum your home especially the edges of the room.

Inspections are needed inside nearby books, phones, radios, televisions, and electrical outlets. Any loose wallpaper needs to be glued down. Cracks in the walls require immediate patching. You can’t vacuum too much or too often even after they’re gone as a prevention. And finally, you really should finish the job by hiring experienced pest control professionals.

If you have any questions regarding bed bug extermination or pest control services, please contact our Michigan company today! Hi-Tech Pest Control is your one-stop shop for residential or commercial pest control services. We offer FREE inspections and a 6-Month Warranty!

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Got Bed Bugs…Good-night, Sleep Tight?

Many of us may recall an expression from your childhood, “Good-night, sleep tight. Don’t let the bedbugs bite.” How in the world was this ever an endearing comment to close the day? In reality, there are bed bugs. And they do bite! Lingering thoughts may have the opposite effect of transitioning us into sleep, causing us to instead toss and turn with the mere idea of these nasty creatures.

If present, these little bed bug beasts feast on you while you sleep

Michigan bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed. They travel with the speed of a ladybug. They survive by having a warm host, a mammal. And their only source of food is the blood of that host. It doesn’t matter if the location is clean or dirty either. They are great hitchhikers, traveling on clothing, luggage, furniture, etc.

They are most often found in places with a high turn over rate, such as hotels, dorms, shelters, barracks, ships, buses, and trains. They can also hide behind peeling paint, loose wallpaper, and under carpets near baseboards.

They can travel between floors. The most common place to find them is a bed, which is how they got their name. The crevices, seams of mattresses and box springs is the first place to inspect when staying in a new location. You would be looking for sprinkled pepper-like stains. There is also the possibility of them lurking in bed-frames or any items near the bed. When traveling, get used to not placing your luggage on the floor.
If present, these little bed bug beasts feast on you while you sleep, but only on exposed parts. This means your face, neck, arms, hands, ankles, and feet. Some people aren’t affected by them at all. Whereas others may have an allergic or a severe skin reaction. Their bites tend to be in a rough line or in clusters. They are red in color and often have a darker spot in the middle. The major reaction is itchy. I don’t know about you, but I find myself getting itchy with just the thought of bed bugs!
Professional help is needed that’s for sure! That goes both for easing your symptoms and getting rid of them. If you have bed bugs in Michigan or are suspicious of bed bug activity make sure to contact our experienced residential and commercial bed bug exterminator today! We offer free inspections and include a 6 month warranty on our services! We services the Greater Detroit MI area and beyond, call today!

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