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Low Current Alarm occurs only if the measured current in the HHO system is below the setting you entered
You will see this alarm when:
-the HHO generator is not connected
-electrolyte is weak
-the water level is low
-the current setting is significantly higher than the generator is rated for

EFIE, MAP, MAF, Diesel Tuner, ProTuner, PWM to increase the efficiency of the engine and to maintain a constant, reliable supply of HHO.
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ProTuner controller. New feature:
Remote low water indicator. Flashing light in the cabin alerts you when the HHO generator requires servicing
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The correct combination of a Hydrogen HHO generator and an electronic controller is required to achieve maximum fuel saving results.

Use our selection chart to choose the best generator for your engine size
Use a ProTuner controller for a fuel-injected engine
Use a CCPWM controller for a carburetor engine

The choice of a HHO generator is determined by the engine size of the vehicle you plan to install this equipment on.

Engine size HHO generator
0-4.0 CarKit
3.5-8.0 SuperKit
7.5-12.0 TrucKit
10.0-16.0 ProKit

Fuel injected vehicles are equipped with multiple sensors. These sensors will detect the more efficient combustion created by HHO and will try to correct it by adding more fuel, thus minimizing your efficiency gains.

To maximize gas savings with any Hydrogen HHO generator, you will need to adjust some or all of your vehicle’s sensors using electronic sensor controllers. The more sensors you optimize and balance, the better will be your gains.

Green Source ProTuner is an all-inclusive control center, designed to work with any gasoline, diesel or LPG engine.
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Maintaining proper electrolyte temperature and current

Use a CCPWM to control the current and the operational temperature of the generator. A cool operating generator produces better quality HHO and requires much less cleaning.
Without a current controller, the HHO generator draws more current as it warms up. It will continue getting warmer, making an ever increasing amount of HHO and eventually will boil the water. This will result in all the water/chemical solution being sent into the engine as steam and a very dirty, difficult to clean generator.

The basic rules to minimize heat build up are:
1. Use an electronic current controller (CCPWM)
2. Do not operate above the recommended current levels
3. Install in a well ventilated location, as far away from the heat sources as possible
4. All crimp style electrical connectors must be soldered to maintain electrical and environmental integrity. 
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Operation with anything other than distilled water will result in a dirty, ineffective generator. The minerals and impurities of normal water will precipitate out and cause a damaging build up of coloured ‘sludge’.
This will slowly form a short circuit, draw more current and have wasted heat inside the generator.
1. Initial mixture: 180g of KOH or 240g of NaOH per 2 litres of distilled water. This will provide enough mixture to fill both the HHO generator and the reservoir.
2. Refill mixture: 10g of KOH or NaOH per 2 liters of water. As the water in the generator is consumed, very little KOH is used.
3. If you have a weak alternator or an old battery, you may require 30% more electrolyte than specified above.
4. Over time, when /if you see the current dropping, drain the system and repeat step 1.
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-Yes, our HHO generators and electronic controllers are designed to work in all types of vehicles.
All you have to do is:

- Select the right sized generator for your engine
- Use a ProTuner controller for a fuel-injected engine
- Use a CCPWM controller for a carburetor engine
- Install the generator without any air leaks
- Connect the wires as per installation instructions
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CCPWM wiring
1. The black wire connects to the battery ground (-).
2. The orange wire connects to the positive (+, left connector) of the HHO generator
3. The red wire connects to the 12 volts of the battery (+).
4. Blue: “Low Water” light
5. Green: Ignition wire (optional)
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ProTuner controller. New feature:
Remote low water indicator. Flashing light in the cabin alerts you when the HHO generator requires servicing
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Connection to the air intake

Most modern vehicles have leak free air intake systems. Inject the HHO directly into the air filter box. This way any particles of electrolyte will become trapped and will not enter the engine.

If routing through the air filter is not possible, use a “dryer” or a flashback arrestor/ filter and inject into the air intake duct. 
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1. Install the flashback arrestor between the reservoir and the HHO injection point of the engine
2. It must be installed in a vertical position, so that the condensed water vapour runs back into the tubing.
3. It can also be installed above the reservoir, so the water runs directly back into the reservoir
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-What is a MAP sensor and how does it affect fuel economy?
-The manifold absolute pressure sensor (MAP sensor) provides the vehicle’s ECU with information about the load of the engine. In other words, how hard the driver is pressing on the accelerator pedal. An engine works harder (more load) while going up a hill than going down.

The ProTuner controller makes the vehicle think it is always driving down a hill, therefore requiring much less fuel. It also balances out all the signals of the fueling system, maintaining full engine performance and preventing the “check” engine light from illuminating.

Engine performance is maintained because HHO improves the combustion efficiency, therefore less fuel is required to achieve the same power.
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-How much electricity is needed to produce HHO?
-Only 7 to 10 amps of current are needed to create enough HHO for a standard 3L engine. This current draw is similar to turning on the stereo.
The approximate formula is: Amps = Engine Size (Litres) x 2.5
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Green Source Fuel Saving Technology


Green Source is an engineering company dedicated to the research and development of Automotive Fuel Saving Technology.

We design and manufacture the industry’s most efficient and affordable Hydrogen HHO generators and electronic controllers.

Our ProTuner sensor controller is the most powerful and complete fuel optimization system that guarantees the best possible fuel saving results from any HHO system

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