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HF Planners, LLC
"Designing and Managing Office Spaces that Work."
"Designing and Managing Office Spaces that Work."


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Special Thank You to everyone who came out to support The Common Thread for the Cure!


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Activity-Based Workplaces are focused on employees, not the office space. By focusing on employees, we find that there are many benefits:
1. Increased Productivity

2. More Flexibility Throughout The Day

3. Eliminating Barriers By Sharing The Space

4. Promoting More Movement & Improving Overall Health

5. Saving Costs

6. Creating Environmentally Sustainable Workplaces

7. Increased Job Satisfaction

Activity-based working provides freedom of choice in how, when, and where people work, thus helping them to be more effective and engaged. Activity-based working recognizes that people are different in performing activities and need a variety of work settings, technology, and a collaborative culture to perform effectively and efficiently.

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Boosting the Bottom Line Through Asset Tracking.

Asset tracking is a fundamental necessity for companies of all sizes, especially when it comes to workplace furniture and IT equipment.
An actively managed and accurate inventory is essential because as the saying goes, “you can’t measure what you can’t see.”

Once the inventory foundation is set, you can:

• understand asset utilization
• understand product lifecycles
• create a proper maintenance schedule to maximize asset lifespan
• prevent theft and enhance security
• perform proper accounting and confirm amortization rates (your finance team will thank you!)

To learn more about the do’s and don’ts of asset management – contact us.

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Throwback Thursday to our Ribbon Cutting and Joint Open House with Paramount Facility Management Solutions; presented by the Somerset County Business Partnership (Chamber of Commerce) #TBT

We appreciate all who attended and invite those to come visit who were unable to make it that day.

Featuring from Left to Right: Anthony Sena, Alisa Amin, Amy Barna, Caroline Shelly, Bob Sena, Anna Columbus, Donna Winter, Karen Brezina, Joe Cunsolo, and Chris Lisa
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HF Planners, LLC helps saves the schedule, budget, and the day in an innovative office design project!!

#design #officespace #schedules #projecting #interiordesign

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