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Making games that people love to play.
Making games that people love to play.

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Only after completing countless life threatening quests, battling fearsome monsters and becoming all that you can be.... can you retire and save the streets of Wimbledon from the horrors of sticky chewed polymers left behind by giant bipeds. I see you Reaper, hiding in plain site and I'm watching you!
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1-CUP: Reaper: Tale of a Pale Swordsman

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Reaper has been submitted to Steam Greenlight. If you like the game, please vote and share.

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I've often complained about the idiotic and unimaginative business models of majority of free-to-play titles in the Google Play. I can't stand (and will never buy) in-game currency for real money. I won't pay to skip content or accelerate progress. If a game needs you to pay "to skip the grind" the game SUCKS. 

But I recently ran into an amazing Android game (via +Joaquim Verges in twitter). And this game rocks. Not only have they truly created a game with pleasant touch screen controls but they have absolutely nailed the business model. The game developer trusts their product enough to let players try it properly before paying a penny. You can play one of the campaigns and progress up to 10th level but then you're asked to pay to play more. This is the key: pay to play more!

I want to encourage everyone to try the game and also pay for it. Firstly, the game is awesome but mostly because I really want a game with a good business model to succeed so we get rid of the stupidity that is no plaquing the Play Store.

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