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UK beauty, lifestyle and fashion blogger
UK beauty, lifestyle and fashion blogger

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Guess who's back...
Just as the crypt keeper rises from the grave, so too does this blog! It has been far too long, in fact I last published a post in October last year. Shocking behaviour for someone who purports to be a writer... But no matter! I am back now. I could claim a...

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My Trip To Florence
I have had this post sitting in my drafts for ages, so have no idea when I forgot to press publish- oops! I recently (ish) went to Florence, and of course, took my camera with me. Although in the end, I didn't take a huge number of photos. When I went to Pa...

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Holiday Reading List- Florence Edition
After taking a bit of a self prescribed blog break- I'm back and I've got some book recommendations- both to read and to avoid like the plague (no prizes for guessing which of the novels below I'm talking about there...) I recently came back from a little b...

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Weight Watchers Weigh In Week 2 - 2 lbs lost!!
Just a short update to say that I lost 2 lbs this week! Woo hoo! That means I've lost 7.5 lbs so far and got my first half a stone sticker!! Go me! I am aware that this picture is hideous. I'm working on a better one haha I'm very happy with that result! Es...

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Weight Watchers Week 2- The Struggle Is Real
This week has been rough. I'm not gonna lie. I kind of feel like screaming. (Drama queen for life) It's my second week of Weight Watchers and I have really struggled. I've stayed within my points, but it has been torture. I don't know what it is about this ...

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Weight Watchers Week One Result: -5.5lbs Loss!!
I was a little hesitant about writing this post, but, to hell with it, I'm not embarrassed. I need to be accountable. Last week I joined Weight Watchers . I don't need to explain what it is, I'm sure you've all heard of Weight Watchers. I got to a point whe...

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New Obsession Alert: Phantom of the Opera
Ok everyone, I have a confession to make...deep breath now...I am obsessed with Phantom of the Opera. Phew. It's good to get that out. Now, this Phantom obsession. How did it even come about? I used to turn my nose up at Phantom (can you call it POTO?) and ...

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Crystal Palace Football Cake Baking Fail!
I have decided that my new arch nemesis is food colouring. Why oh why does it never turn out the colour that it is on the packet?!  For Father's Day, my brother and I always make my Dad a cake based on one of his favourite things. Last year it was David Bow...

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Loaf's New #BonjourBlighty collection
I recently discovered the furniture shop, Loaf , and I am in loaf...I mean love. Lame joke, but my love for this shop is no joke. The furniture is absolutely beautiful. It's my sort of thing- individual, comfy and absolutely gorgeous. They've recently relea...

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My Trip To Paris - The Photos!
Basically, I didn't do much on my last day in Paris apart from get a flight home, so here's a quick post with a few of the shots I took! I took a lot of photos, so it was hard to whittle it down, but you know, nobody needs to see my 100+ failed selfies... E...
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