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Which one do you prefer to use?
1. Keyboard with Touchpad
2. Keyboard and Mouse
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+Mark Allen​ but then you have to move your hand further to get to the mouse if you keep laptop on your lap? Wouldnt that be a bit awkward if you both click and type a lot? Hand going back and forth (up on lap, down on couch) just to control your workflow? Sounds like it would take longer to perform the click :)
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Hesam Esfahlani

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Damn it! I have to work harder!!!
Ultimate In House Hot Tub

No seriously... look at this thing... floor to ceiling, forest windows and a rock hot tub with stone fireplace?

Need to work harder today me thinks.

#Architecture  #InteriorDesign #HotTub

Hesam Esfahlani

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The real terrorists in America may be closer to home than you realize.
We're safer than ever. So why are we seeing an ever increasing militarization of policing across the country?

Hesam Esfahlani

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Hi guys;
I connect to the internet from where that the government are monitoring everything even your files on your HDD. Many days ago I installed Kali Linux on my laptop and whene I was trying to connect to a VPN server founded out my ISP doesn't let me to connect to that VPN Server because they could not monitor that server.
Honestly: in my country you have two choices: 1) monitored by my own country government 2) monitored by US government
And now I wanna to create a new Google account, surf the web and download some files safely and anonymously.
Could you help me by giving to me a plane that how to connect to a VPN Server without visa card and create an anonymous Google account in KALI Linux???
Thank you!
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Hi Hesam,

Please try LPS OS (Lightweight Portable Security- Operating System) for secure surfing, I am not sure about legal monitoring but it would keep you safe from invaders.
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Yuki o
They in the photograph currently eaten seem to be very glad!
But it is bad on the body, so raise without making it eat not much.
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Hesam Esfahlani

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Top 5 Encrypted Messaging Softwares

Hesam Esfahlani

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I just used Shazam to discover Welcome To The Machine by Pink Floyd.
Discovered 183,233 times using Shazam, the music discovery app.

Hesam Esfahlani

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I have 422 friends, yet I'm lonely!

Hesam Esfahlani

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How do you make a +QNAP Turbo NAS SCREAM?!? How about loading it up with four SanDisk SSDs, each of which is capable of 500MB/s+ read and 300MB/s+ write speeds!

Connect it with dual bonded Gig-E to the network, and let the Bits fly!!!

I don't really know how to even measure what speeds this little box is currently capable of attaining - but its FAST!!!  Thanks SanDisk! :-)
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I am a software engineer, good at Java Development, Oracle/SQL/MySQL Database designing and developing, Analyse Software Projects, Android Developing and administration of Fedora Linux. Mountain climbing and camping are my hobbies and I enjoy to listen rock music also.
A software engineer, good at Java Development, Oracle/SQL/MySQL Database designing and developing, Analyse Software Projects, Android Developing and administration of Fedora Linux. Mountain climbing and camping are my hobbies and I enjoy to listen rock music also. So if you are looking for Software Manager, an Open Source Developer, System Analyzer or a camp leader I am good person that I recommend to you ;)

My Personality Types Test Result:

You are an executive. You are consistent, reliable, thorough and persevering. You can also be socially charming. So you are good at managing others at home, in your social circles and at work. 

You are efficient too. You have high standards and take your duties seriously, focusing carefully on your assignments with sensible and concrete thinking. 

You are somewhat traditional. You like people and are generally comfortable with them. You work hard to build and support your family and social networks. You are very protective of those you love. 

You respect schedules, rules and routines. Appropriate behavior is generally important to you. Yet you have a streak of the independent thinker in you. As a result, you have a good balance between conventionality and originality. 

You are also a good leader. You acquire the perks and status of rank more easily than most. And you handle your possessions gracefully. You also enjoy time alone, pursuing your personal interests.
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    Software Engineering, 2010 - present
    IT General, 2003 - 2007
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Software Engineering
Java, PHP, Perl, Oracle, SQL Server, Appache Tomcat, Linux, Red Hat, Fedora, UBUNTU
  • Taimaz
    Software Engineer, 2008 - present
    Analyze and discuss about risk and security in your job. Developing Android app; Java Programming;
  • iTechSpark
    Senior System Developer, 2012 - 2013
    System Analysis; Database Design; Application Developer; PHP Web Site Programming;
  • Mobin Data Processing
    Software Manager, 2007 - 2008
    Analysed projects, draw prototype, planned the time line and documentation. Fix the projects problems, problem resolving. Project management, lead developers team.
  • Mobin Data Processing
    Developer, 2003 - 2007
    Web site traffic growth, web site UI. Develop dynamic web site application. Develop data base, SQL.
  • Hamvatan salam Newsletter
    Network Administrator, 2002 - 2002
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