I encourage you to campaign for Google+ to be made available to students' Google Apps accounts in secondary/K-12 schools.

Google recently announced that they are linking Google+ with Google Apps for Education, which has the potential to drive truly integrated social learning, but they are not introducing it as part of secondary/K-12 provision.

Our students readily access a range of social networks outside of school [e.g. facebook and twitter, both accessible from age 13], but don't get to formally exploit its potential in a learning environment [because they are usually blocked/filtered]. Google [having made a huge step into the education sector with Apps for Edu] are missing a huge opportunity to be the game-changers by not enabling us to actually teach social learning.

Please be a game-changer and re-share, comment, +1, or plagiarise this post to spread the word! You should also register your comments with +Ronald Ho, who has led the project bringing Google+ and Google Apps together [follow the link below].
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