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I encourage you to campaign for Google+ to be made available to students' Google Apps accounts in secondary/K-12 schools.

Google recently announced that they are linking Google+ with Google Apps for Education, which has the potential to drive truly integrated social learning, but they are not introducing it as part of secondary/K-12 provision.

Our students readily access a range of social networks outside of school [e.g. facebook and twitter, both accessible from age 13], but don't get to formally exploit its potential in a learning environment [because they are usually blocked/filtered]. Google [having made a huge step into the education sector with Apps for Edu] are missing a huge opportunity to be the game-changers by not enabling us to actually teach social learning.

Please be a game-changer and re-share, comment, +1, or plagiarise this post to spread the word! You should also register your comments with +Ronald Ho, who has led the project bringing Google+ and Google Apps together [follow the link below].
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I just don't understand the rationale behind the 18+ limit in the first place. My fear is that even without that they'd still not allow it due to the 13+ legal implications in the States, even though the likes of Facebook's 13+ age limit actually have no legal basis in the UK and elsewhere.
Herr N
Agreed. The point about education is that we can teach students [irrespective of age] how to make best/safest use of the new technologies, so that they can actually exploit potential. This would mean a shift towards social learning, where ideas/comments/portfolios are shared and collaborated on using social media, thus moving away from constantly posting inane comments with no real context.
Well. Here's hoping some common sense prevails when they drop the limit to the inevitable 13+. Should still allow us the option of turning on for Google Apps For Edu accounts in non-US countries as in the end it's school leaders/administrators who are giving access and making that all important decision as to whether it is a suitable and safe tool for our learners.
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