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I uncover human truths and make brands dance.
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Longmont, CO
Boulder, CO - San Antonio, TX - Yokadouma, Cameroon - Logan, UT - Richmond, VA
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Developing Consumer Insights that Transform Brands
I have an insatiable curiosity quotient.  You will find me questioning, creating, innovating and discussing anything and everything imaginable.  I am quite inquisitive and spend the better part of my day understanding how people, things and environments connect and work.  


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You do not have my consent to record me in a hangout or any other video realm. In the event I enter your hangout which is being recorded, I require you to notify me of that fact immediately.

The postings on this site are my own thoughts and opinions and do not necessarily represent the positions, strategies or opinions of Persona, Inc or their clients.
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Concepted, developed and delivered the first surgery ever done in a hangout/video meeting (time delayed). Proud Parent and Single Mother of 1. Love my job. Have a brother that can explain the supervenience relation. Anonymous thinks that I am an undercover FBI Agent. Both God and Fanavans say I am TV-worthy. re:network.
  • University of Colorado at Boulder
    Journalism, 1999 - 2003
  • University of Colorado at Boulder
    Marketing, 1999 - 2003
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Hermine Ngnomire

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I am loving Eugene!!!!
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Congrats +David Schapiro. It's a beautiful campus!!!
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Hermine Ngnomire

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Looking forward to helping bring awareness to +Traveling Guitar Foundation! hope to see you there.

Good morning Google+!  We hope you are having a GREAT Sunday! Today is the final day of the +Traveling Guitar Foundation Charity Music and Art Festival on +Google+ and +YouTube !  

Thank you for your support and donations in support of music education in schools! We have some great broadcasts today for you so be sure to tune in! #tgfmaf2014   #savemusicinschools  

Donate Today!
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Hermine Ngnomire

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HANGOUT BLACKOUT A hangout for +Superdave Houdini !!!!  All Black :)  Well not entirely....

Sorry +Renata Sherwin We didn't mean to scare you off, we were just having fun!  Where is +Rory S?

+Brad Thompson +Andrew M +Calvin Henderson +Larry Fournillier +Robert Headley 
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Hermine Ngnomire

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Hadn't seen this in a while.  Remember when I used to always fall asleep in hangouts?  Ahhh memories of 2011 and plus.  
What do you remember?
'SpeedPaint' portrait from Hangout with +Hermine Ngnomire!
Have a blast everyone!
- Daniel
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I remember!
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Hermine Ngnomire

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Have her in circles
27,644 people
 Millennials Drive Everyone A Little Nuts
This article gives some insight for those of us who are and manage them.
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<Young People These Days> + <Get Off My Lawn>
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Hermine Ngnomire

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great article on the power of YouTube!
quote A fanbase chooses when and what to watch. Compare this with YouTube, loads of titles, +Netflix over a hundred thousand titles and then the BBC who have 6, yes just six movies on the iPlayer right now. I want to watch the Joanna Lumley piece, but it was available for 6 days on iplayer, taken down only to be republished for a BBC2 air on Sat 19 April at 2am - my view, the licence fee payer owns that tape.
‘An audience tunes in when they're told to. A fanbase chooses when and what to watch’ says entertainment boss Alex Carloss
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Oh crap! I can't believe it. My mom just joined google+ -- before even joining Facebook! Has anyone else's parents joined? How on God's green earth do I make sure she doesn't see my posts?

Oh Crapola!!!! I can't even let her know I exist here or she will definitely follow. And I don't want to block my own mom, but heck! What do I do????
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Uhm..... +Anthony McGowan check out that white stuff on my ain't snow!  It's gray hair and 'folks like me have it when we are damn near 60'.  My initial statement was that this thread begs the question ....are people over 50 really that clueless about tech.  And quite frankly it is still a question that needs to be answered but in another thread.  As for me, one of the reasons I purchased a MBP was so that I could upgrade or repair it if necessary - cause I AM tech savvy. And yeah, I had one of those Commodore versions too and I learned years ago that if it's broken I can fix it so the tech world that I live didn't invent any of it!! (Sorry +Hermine Ngnomire didn't mean to jack your thread)
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Hermine Ngnomire

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Hello gooplustube community. I am just dropping in to say hello and ask a small favor of the community. Can anyone here recommend an individual who can teach how to go live on google+ and YouTube to a couple corporations and agencies. Possibly even help produce some content?

Need someone who has client side experience (knows how to work well with people at all levels of a corporation) and will stay focused on getting the team up and ready (leaves social strategy out of the convo).

Thanks in advance!!!
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No wonder Ronnie's always smiling.
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Hermine Ngnomire

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What is my next verse?
Got my new computer!  I went with the base model 15 inch Macbook pro as it was the entry-level model with the quod-core processor.  I am definitely happy with it.  I haven't noticed much difference with the retina display (and my old one), but I am sure someone will be pointing it out.

Thank you +Bobbi Jo Woods , +Sam Palahnuk , +Darolyn BrooksLemon +Brian McDonald , +Robert Anderson , +Andy Bohm, +Rudy Rodriguez +Fabrice Sherif +Meg Tufano +Ryan Juza 

Life is once again great!  143 my Macbook.  Also, if anyone knows how to change the scrolling (it is in reverse to what I have become accustomed) it would be greatly appreciated if you could instruct this novice :)

Step 1: Buy awesomely beautiful computer
Step 2: Buy and install Office 365
Step 3: Download Chrome
*Step 4: Download and Install Google Talk Plug-In
Step 5: Do a hangout (then start getting work done :)
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LOVE MINE too!  (Mine is 13" because I have a huge Mac screen separate if I need it.)

Don't you just feel as though you won't have any problems, ever?  (I never have!!!!)  

FUN!  +Hermine Ngnomire 
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We gave it a try because of some online reviews that highly touted the spot. I can honestly say that the reviews were spot on. All American Johnny's Pizza is outstandingly delicious! We had the spicy sausage spaghetti and a hand tossed cajun shrimp pizza. OMG! I haven't been so happy with a take out restaurant in years. The service and food were both remarkable. I would recommend that anyone give it a shot--sooner than later.
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Love these guys! Been working to install hardwoods in my home and with their help, I am narrowing down my choices. These guys are extremely knowledgable and have helped me learn a great deal about my upcoming investment, especially how to protect floors through proper furniture pads and cleaning. My only concern with hardwoods are that none of the producers can cover for scratches or dents. If you need any advice on your next hardwood floor purchase, I would strongly encourage contacting this local business.
• • •
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