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Hermetic Satanism Institution The Thirteen
We redefine understanding of Satanism as cultural and occult phenomenon
We redefine understanding of Satanism as cultural and occult phenomenon

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We are The Thirteen – an initiatory occult organization that practices non-dualistic, hermetic Satanism.
Our path is called Satanism because it embraces and synthesizes aspects of occult knowledge historically attributed to dark and sinister gods, such as Seth & Apep, Shiva & Kali, Ahriman & Az and, in modern days, to Satan. Thus, Satan becomes an ultimate summa daemoniorum within the whole scope of post-modern culture, much outside common monotheistic religions. Likewise, thirteen is a meme with vast cultural meaning linked to satanism and pointing to otherness, irregularity and sinister matters. Furthermore, thirteen by its occult meaning signifies certain aspects of our research of dark arts, having roots in alchemy, astronomy and theurgy – the topic we will describe in more details further.
Our worldview strongly advocates non-dualism, in the sense that we do not limit our conquests neither to “spiritual” side of things, nor to “mundane”, neither to “cosmic” nor to “anti-cosmic” etc. In fact, we do not adhere to such (and many other) false divisions. We see the multiverse as a whole, both known and yet unknown, both beautiful and ugly, conquered or yet unconquered, as Satan's own realm and as ours rightful territory to expand into and reign over. The means for this occult expansion are provided by the well known hermetic fact that the microcosm is like the macrocosm, and thus men are as gods, if we look deep enough into the Great Abyss within.
We see our vision successive to many initiatory teachings of the past and modernity, especially ancient dark cults and mysteries of Mesopotamia, Egypt and Greece; Shaivism, Vamachara, Tantric Buddhism, Taoism, Zen etc. We also continue and naturally evolve ideas of Friedrich Nietzsche (transcending limitations of human nature), Aleister Crowley (Thelema as a law of the Will), Julius Evola (renovation of occult Hermeticism), Austin Osman Spare (ecstatic self-gratification), Anton S. LaVey (Satan as a new cultural symbol). As for occult groups, we share many common methods and views with the Ur Group, Cultus Sabbati, Temple of Set and Dragon Rouge. Notwithstanding all similarities we are the first occult organization redefining Satanism to be not just a “rational belief” or a dark gnostic cult, but a natural non-dualistic world view, philosophy and a system of occult initiation with Satan embedded in its core.
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