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For the few of us in the U.S. NOT on vacation, this is promises to be one very weird week.

In the world of biz journalism, can't wait to see which company uses this as a week to disclose something bad, thinking nobody will be watching.

Nobody may be watching biz TV, but there are those of us who WILL be watching for those who think we aren't watching. Always fun.

Found one of my best stories ever in a July 4 holiday filing.

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that's really interesting....It would make good sense to release something "negative" this week...I'll keep my eye's open as well.
It would be a good week for a company to reset the strike prices on underwater stock options granted to an underperforming CEO.
My sources tell me that Apple is expected to quietly disclose that the company does not plan to file any intellectual property infringement lawsuits this week.  Look for the announcement late in the afternoon on July 3rd....
Let's get this week started! I'll be watching the wire. You know someone is going to try to sneak something by unnoticed.
Vacation?? What the hell is that?? There's only employed or unemployed. One or the other.
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