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Brackets vs. Sublime Text
Huh? Brackets can even do awesome things with .psd-files! Maybe it's time to give it more than a try...
I'm using ST3 so far, has anybody here experience with both editors and can give some pros and cons?

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- Whole software stack based on JS&CSS so as a web developer you don't have to learn another programming language.
- Very good js intellisense
- Included debugger from the editor
- Early version of all what they want to archive because there aren't exist much extension. The editor is at the moment hard to customize if you want to start immediately.
- No project integration

Brackets is a beauty for the web but it must included more standard functionalitities like project files, easier theme customization. The community will definitely grow! :)
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Henry Zeitler

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Web Platform Doc Sprint + MeatUp™ + VGQ™ Düsseldorf
Hack, eat hack and get hacke - together with beyond tellerrand. Help to document the Web Platform. Enjoy an all day special "MeatUp™" (BBQ w veggie options), and transition to the traditional @btconf warmup!

18MAY 2014
from 9:30am to 11:59pm
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This is a good and short explanation of syntax and vocabulary for and microdata.

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altough most of you probably know the differences and relationships between, Microdata, Microformats and so on, but i think this article is still worth sharing as it gives a very nice and simple overview
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Announcing Actions stellt ein neues Feature vor: Actions. Damit können Interaktionen, Vorgänge und Conversions wie z. B. einen Post kommentieren, eine Zahlung tätigen, eine Reservierung vornehmen, ein Buch schreiben, etc. beschrieben werden. Speziell die Möglichkeit Interaktionen auf einer Webseite auszuzeichnen finde ich hierbei extrem Ineressant. Z.B.:

Hier gibt es weitere Infos:

via +Aaron Bradley 

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When we launched almost 3 years ago, our main focus was on providing vocabularies for describing entities --- people, places, movies, restaurants, ... But the Web is not just about static descriptions of entities. ...
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Henry Zeitler

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Write Better JavaScript with Promises
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Building a Recipe Search Site with Angular and Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch ( is an open source real time search engine built on Lucene that uses JSON format.

#angularjs   #lucene  
This article shows how AngularJS and Elasticsearch can be used to create a simple recipe search site.
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Henry Zeitler

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Brilliant. A complex construction of plastic tubes as a skeleton for a wind-driven life form.

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The Basics of JavaScript Framework SEO (in AngularJS)
If you want to set up something for the web you have to decide wether it's a webapp or a website. It's a decision about how the user will come across your webthing and if you want to involve a searchengine you'd better choose to code a HTML-based webpage. 
But if you build a webapp with a templating engine like angular.js, you won't have a crawlable content by default. Here's a very good way to make your webapp crawlable anyway... 

#seo   #webapp   #javascript  
The Basics of JavaScript Framework SEO in AngularJS - one of our latest blog posts on SEOgadget...
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Henry Zeitler

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Andreas Dölling hat seine Einführung in #AngularJS beim CMS Garden Dortmund hier einmal ausführlich zusammengefasst:
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Henry Zeitler

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Darkest Dungeon
Terror and Madness in the Cavernous Depths
Looks like a cool new RPG for PC soon to come. You have to deal with health and insanity level...
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