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Henry Sullivan

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Two Swiss flight pioneers have unveiled a new plane that will attempt the first round-the-world solar flight.
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Henry Sullivan

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Henry Sullivan

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Source: The Raleigh N&O

Tax cuts for the affluent, deregulation, NAFTA, and Too big to fail leaves us with this sad phenomenon...
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Policy Analyst & Information Architect
GIS Survey Research Database Design/Development Data Management Data Visualizatioin
    Policy Analyst & Information Architect, 2008 - present
  • University of Illinois at Chicago
    Program Evaluator, 2010 - 2012
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New Orleans, LA - Columbus, OH - Curitiba, Brazil

The best description of my writing is Near Future Fiction. I love technology, and I also believe social issues can be addressed in fiction, without compromising the strength of the story or lowering the entertainment level of the work.

In his Listmania!List, Carlos Baez says Near Future Fiction writers "usually extrapolate imaginatively from present trends." Since we are narrating stories that take place sometime in the next one hundred years, they may include strange, intriguing, and even frightening technologies and phenomena, but our worlds are familiar in a way that makes the events in the stories feel immediate, and therefore avoidable.

Although current social trends may include Monsanto and others lobbying congress for the ability to obtain patents on human genetic sequences, it is still possible for us to avoid the world of The Windup Girl, in which 'calorie companies' devastate the global population through plagues caused by genetically enhanced, treatment resistant, disease causing organisms.

In some ways, Dystoopian Narratives are great metaphorical expressions of our fears. Stories like The Hunger Games and Divergent open to worlds that are economically, socially, and politically screwed up. There is also typically the presumption that it’s been that way for a long time.

For the characters, the time before global catastrophe is a distant memory. This creates chronological distance between our world and that of the book’s heroin, making it easier for readers to live vicariously through these engaging characters, as they stand up to fascist societies and battle despotic leaders.

Like Fantasy, Dystopian Science Fiction transports the reader into a completely different world. One which is often far simpler than our own, in which seven percent unemployment characterizes the same economy that also supports a booming stock market, and selfies and twerking have been placed upon media shelves alongside Duck Dynasty and a Whites only Santa Clause. 

I acknowledge that our world is confusing, but to me it's also incredibly interesting. Interesting in a way that can be entertaining, and enlightening. This is evident in well written shows like Homeland and House of Cards.

Characters like Carrie Mathison and Francis Underwood inspire me to write The Hacker, BryceAnderson, Vanessa Stanton, and crazy Rafi. I hope you enjoy them and learn as much as I have in creating them.

Henry L. Sullivan III

  • University of Illinois at Chicago College of Urban Planning & Public Affairs
    Public Administration, 2005 - 2008
  • Xavier University in New Orleans
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