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Lit by the nearest to a point light source I could find: my phone's flashlight.
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Well done, Henry!  I hope there are more coming in this vein.
+Scott Vorthmann I can stereographically project anything you want. Well, as long as it doesn't get too close to the north pole!
Well, with unerring instinct, you've chosen the most compelling figure first, I'd say.  I suppose {3,6} and {6,3} are obvious choices.  The former would have nice swooping curves on S2, more exaggerated than this projection, right, with six cusps at the boundary?

What about the face-first (face-down?) projection of the square grid?  I suppose you would want to give it four legs (projected to be invisible, of course), so it didn't intersect the projection plane.  I'm having trouble visualizing the object, other than that.
I find this image very imaginative. I like the grid vs. the globe, with the hand to anchor the photo. Cool.
This fantastic! I see that you have several designs on Thingiverse. Any chance you'll upload this one?
very nice +Henry Segerman!  

+Scott Vorthmann, I made a set of earrings for Sarah using this approach with the {3,6} and {6,3}.  Unfortunately shapeways rejected them in silver because of the detail, but we're going to paint plastic prints.  I need to take some better pics, but just snapped a quick one and made the model public to show you.
+Roice Nelson i.materialise will print titanium (by laser sintering) with much finer detail than shapeways silver. Might be worth considering? (Caveat: I have no experience using them yet - but I plan to give it a try soon)
+Henry Segerman Great work! I am deeply intrested in visual deceptions and would like to learn how to do this in Rhino? Is there an easy way or is a tutorial coming for us ? :D Thank you!
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