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MinutePhysics explains the Higgs Boson
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As a mathematician, I was actually wickedly happy when the "path-integral" machinery broke down in the video...
+Henry Reich, good job as always! Can't wait for Part II and III!
Laura E.
Not sure if you saw the latest joke going around the net:          
 Higgs Boson walks into a Catholic church. Priest asks "What are you doing here?" The boson says "You can't have mass without me" rimshot
I feel 1% smarter; not that I actually am. Just feeling it.
Another "Black Swan"?
sorry but i dont get it one bit sorry
Would he sound smarter if he talked faster?
Congrats CERN! Keep up the good work!
Got it, so far, thanx!
+George Baggott That FOX article could have used a scientifically literate person to write it. Facepalm inducing mistakes.
Awesome, loved it. Now if I wasn't the only one of my friends that is into science
That's three minutes long. I've been mis-sold! Haha!
Great achievement! i want to ask just one question from CERN IS what about when the bombardment of protons took place you have found a new particle but you are not certain about the particle that you have found whether it is a true particle or not so how can you sure about that?you have to focus is  that particle  emitting energy constantly ?or becoming hot cored .can you examine from where the sun is generating energy constantly without any lose daily?is that particle a solar nebula or pebula ? i think it will be a major breakthrough when scientists focus on new solar system which is recently discovered ? i have arrived a question that how a new solar system came into existence?  everything which are already existed is made up of atoms & electrons revolve around nucleus in the elliptical order just like our solar system . All the things which are present on our earth are created just like our solar system created. creation of small things is a result of big things .
aatri, dude, you need a vacation...
Could you please explain it like, you would explain it to a 5 year old.
This video turned out great! :) Your explanation works a lot better than the "cocktail party" metaphor: But I did really like this metaphor from +Yonatan Zunger's comment on that thread:

"the Higgs boson itself, though, is what happens when you get a lump of Higgs field alone, held together by its own force. It's formed when you take two particles with a great deal of Higgs field surrounding them and collide them; sometimes, a chunk of that fame just flies off on its own, centered on nothing in particular; a person famous for being famous.

The Higgs boson is Paris Hilton."

Hah! :) What do you think of that one?
your right liz it is a great video
Yay! I understand now.  Thank you for sharing.
i did not hear one thing he said
I saw this on acid back in the 60s still wondering about voyager and how it will do out there alone
i didnt get nothing out that video
-_- What?...I understood the puzzle part... know what I just realized about Higgs Boson. We discovered Mass Effect.
Higgs Boson? Can't be proved, won't be proved. But it seems that proof is not important. Just make an announcement, those who want to believe, will. Probably the same people who believe the claims for the cause of climate change.
sure are a lot of physics PhDs commenting on ITT. cool story 
Uh, well, I understood -23 GEV of what he was talking about. But, at least I now understand that. Thanks for sharing, +Henry Reich 
+Darren Keddle?  Can't prove anything, won't prove anything.  It seems that evidence is not important to Darren.  He just makes a vague statement on the internet, those who want to believe will.  Probably the same people who believe gravity is just a "theory".
Hmmm back to the physics for dummies books i think....
Thanks, now I get it....(seriously good explanation)
I'd like to be referred to as Admiral Higgs-Boson from now on :)
+Liz Krane That analogy doesn't work... the Higgs boson can decay, via intermediate steps, into two photons:
(This is one of the ways it is being detected at the LHC) Thus, in principle it can be created by colliding two photons together, though this is probably a hard thing to do. And photons are massless, hence don't interact with the Higgs field.

This false analogy demonstrates a key fallacy of particle physics - the idea that whatever comes "out" of a collision has to be built from pieces of the particles going "in." Totally false - for example, an electron and positron (aka anti-electron), which are both FUNDAMENTAL particles, can collide, annihilate, and leave only some photons (also FUNDAMENTAL particles) behind. The photons aren't "inside" the electron/positron in any way, but rather, the collision and annihilation of the electron/positron causes a disturbance in the electromagnetic field... which is precisely what a photon is.
this video is to mathematical! i don't get it i just like the drawing thing :P 
+Henry Reich Thanks for that clarification! That actually made sense to me, too. Woohoo! I hope you have time to address a couple of the common metaphors (and Higgs jokes?) in your next video. PS: I stayed up late Tuesday night/Wednesday morning watching the CERN announcement and eating popcorn. Too much excitement for one week! :D
Good means scientists are believing on god
Simply faboulous!!!
adds up to knowledge.. Three cheers!!! :D
Soy Española, Andaluza, y me gusta esto, saludos a todos
Pooja sharma jul 15 2012 kem cho maga ma
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