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Is it "duck duck gray duck" or "duck duck goose"? Say where you're from when you reply. #FutureOlympicSports
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I've never heard anyone say 'gray duck',only 'goose' here in IA
Duck, Duck, Gray Duck.
Minnesota, USA
Duck, Duck, Gray Duck.
Minnesota, USA
Would this have anything to do with Aflac insurance?
Duck, duck, goose.  Pennsylvania, USA
Goose. Grew up in Massachusetts, USA. I'm pretty sure it was goose all over New England as well.
I'm from New Jersey, and I prefer Grey Goose from France.
Duck,duck, goose
Tag gets kids more exercise.
Ohio, USA
Duck, Duck, Goose.
Georgia, USA
Duck, Duck, Goose
Duck, Duck, Goose. North Carolina.
Duck, duck, goose.
Vancouver, BC
Yes, Goose is obviously more popular, but grey duck makes the game much more exciting and educational. You get to use all the other colors and really any adjectives, there's even the classic grrrrrrreeeeen duck fake out.
I like the bunny color version better than gray duck.
Duck, duck, goose.
California, USA
An important question of the age that must be addressed! 
Duck, duck, goose. Texas, USA. 
Duck, Duck, Goose
California and Texas, USA
Duck, duck, goose!! Vancouver, BC
Duck, Duck, Goose! Victoria, BC

(I didn't know there was any other way!)
I learned duck, duck, goose growing up in Indiana, which is also what my kids play(ed) in both Nashville TN and Louisville KY.
duck duck Goose
I wish we could have an ongoing poll with a pie chart of this :)
Duck, duck, gray duck (Minnesota)
Let's just face it... Everyone in Minnesota, USA plays Duck, Duck, Grey Duck; the rest of the world is just wrong.
One might draw the conclusion that people who resemble the characters in "Fargo" just don't have enough world experience to know that there are fowl more varied than just ducks of different colors...donchaknow?
+Josh Cates That would certainly be an odd conclusion. Geese originated in MN. Canadian Geese are just an odd species that flies North in the Spring!
+Paul Klapperich There's a whole lot of bad information in that very short post.

First, Geese did not originate in MN - the were domesticated in Egypt 3000+ years ago, and are believed to originate in Europe and Asia (source:

Second, there is no such species as Canadian Geese. They are called Canada Geese. Common mistake, though. (source:

Third, virtually all migratory geese, including Canada Geese, fly north in the spring, and south in the winter (but many geese do not migrate at all, having no natural predators and plenty of food in their year-round habitats). (sources:

So yeah, looks like even with the interwebz at hand, maybe some Northern Inland folks are a bit confused about geese....
Duck Duck, Gray (or fill in a color) Duck.  Minnesota.
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