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Henry Patrick Reilly
Community podcasts on topics that "are of interest to hackers".
Community podcasts on topics that "are of interest to hackers".

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The !HPR 5th annual new uear show is officially over but the after show steams on.

HPR 5th annual 26 Hour New Year Show is now LIVE. Tune in at

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Ohio LinuxFest 2016

If you are attending the Ohio Linux Fest this weekend, October 7-8, be sure to seek out the Linux Podcasters booth. It is a collaboration between Hacker Public Radio, the Podnutz network, Kernel Panic Oggcast, Linux LUG Cast, urandom podcast, and your other favorite shows. Joe Hecht of the new The Single Board Computer and Virtual Private Server Show is graciously providing swag in the form of mugs, stickers, and T-Shirts. We'd love to meet all our fans in Columbus, see you there.

The #HPR DDOS attack has stopped. I'm now waiting for them to upload their show.

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Our site is experiencing a DDOS attack at the moment. Don't panic, we'll be here once they get bored. If you are the one doing it, once your finished please consider submitting a show.

Hacker Public Radio community members often have a booth at FOSS events. However FOSDEM is no ordinary event, and with thousands of participants the stands are in short supply.

So rather than requesting a stand for HPR alone, I would like to make the request on behalf of "FOSS Podcasting" in general. If we get a stand, HPR will be able to supply some people to help but more would be welcome, and would be required.

Are you OK to have your podcast promoted at FOSDEM 2015 ?

Are you/your listeners coming to FOSDEM 2015 and would you/they like to participate at the stand (even for a few hours) ?

I will be going even if we don't get a stand, so a podcasters meet up is definitely on the cards. Feel free to pass this on.

Message from Dave Morris

Hi Everyone,

I'm going to OggCamp next month. I have reserved a table for HPR, and I
think I'm going to be able to get the HPR table kit (thanks timtty).

At the moment I'm a bit short on people to help run the table. I believe
I can call on navigium (Beni) to help, but I think that we need more.

So if anyone is going to OggCamp 14 and would be able to help out with
running the HPR table, please let me know. I need to reply to Mark
Johnson to confirm that we want a table by the weekend.


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#HPR is running out of shows. We need shows today. Please pass it on.@HPR
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