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The links that I have on my page that show up in "About this Community" don't show up on my iPad.  How do I get them to show up on mobile devices?

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Karen and I were in a brilliant conversation with a great gang of folks conversing on Me to We and Summit.  Fun!
From Me to We: A Brilliant Conversation with Henry and Karen
Join us for this unique opportunity to participate live in a global Brilliant Conversation

Everyone has the capacity for Leadership.  This is a shift from traditional thinking, where the leader is the one at the front, while everyone else follows.  In many ways, that perspective on Leadership has failed us.  But a new way is emerging.  A new model of Leadership, embodied in the shift from Me to We is taking hold.  

This shift will be at the center of the 2014 Global Co-Active Summit in Napa, California April 10-12.  Regardless of whether you will be attending the Summit, you can participate in the conversation about Me to We, starting Friday, March 13th at 12pm EST.  +Henry Kimsey-House and +Karen Kimsey-House  will be leading a Brilliant Conversation that anyone in the world can join into.  

The comments section below can take your comments and questions now, and most importantly, you can engage here live during the conversation on March 13.  So click Yes on this Page.  Mark your calendar and we'll see you there.

#coactivelive   #coactivesummit2014   #coactive   

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Yeehaw WE at Co-Active have our own TV show with these two amazing hosts.  Come join the party.
Join us for our new TV show, with your fabulous hosts, +Mike Caracalas and +lucetta zaytoun .  Our pilot episode is Friday, February 21st, at 12 Noon Eastern Standard (US) Time.

Co-Active Live is a new TV talk show where we'll be engaging the global Co-Active community in dialogue about all things Co-Active, especially the upcoming  Global Co-Active Summit in Napa, California.  

Not going to be able to make it to the Summit?  Worry not!  Co-Active Live will have you covered.  In addition to broadcasting our show leading up to the Summit, we'll also be broadcasting FROM the Summit, so you'll get to experience some Co-Active Summit energy... Virtually!
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