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Can someone with insights to the wonders of the Chrome browser explain to me what's going on here (I do not see this when using Internet Explorer):

1) Copy (control-c) a few pages of highlighted text from a web page
2) Open a Microsoft Word document
3) Place the cursor where you wish to insert the copied text into the doc

Now, at this point, all the text I need is already in my computer's memory (I know that, because I can see and scroll the text in the browser window (still open)). So I would expect the copying of text from the browser memory to my Word document to be virtually instantaneous. Not so!

4) Paste the clipboard content (control-v) into the Word document

Annoyingly, this operation invariably takes a long time, and meanwhile Word displays the following in its status line:

"Contacting the server for information. Press ESC to cancel."

Why is Word doing this when I use Chrome, but not when I use IE? Is it a Redmond trick, invented to make Chrome look bad? ;)
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