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After some hassles (Win7 not being able to initialize the Kindle drivers) I finally managed to get my Kindle (Fire HD 8.9”) rooted (Thanks to bin4ry!), In preparation for installation of Google Play (ES File Explorer is a great tool!), I uploaded the following apk files to my Kindle:

Account And Sync Settings 2.3.4 .apk
Google Login Service 4.0.3 (239410) .apk
Google Play Services 3.1.59 (736673-34) _.apk
Google Play Store 4.1.10 .apk
Google Services Framework 4.0.4 (338691) .apk

Vending and Account and Sync Settings installed OK, but when I try to install the Google Service stuff, all I see is a laconic: "<apk filename> apk install failed”… No other error indication (which kinda sucks).

Google Play Store installed OK, but cannot run (not surprising, since all the rest of the “Google framework” failed to install).

Guessing, I must have left some prerequisite apk out. Can someone in this community dish out some advise? “Allow installation” is ON.
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nope +Andrew Ginns lol the software I am talking about is called kingo root and has worked on 1st gen fire 2nd gen fire firehd 8 and hd 7 fast and easy
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Henry K.O. Norman

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This is a call to arms. But it may be too late...  Thanks Chris Hedges!
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Henry K.O. Norman

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Maybe, just MAYBE now the World can finally become aware of what kind of "developer" the Yapese People are up against! This is PRC media reporting, I am only supplying the link to the news!

For those not yet "in the know": Mr. Deng Hong is the chairman of Exhibition Travel Group (ETG), the PRC company that wants to develop Wa'ab (Yap Islands, Micronesia) into a Chinese Gambler's Paradise: For details, see!

Friends and family: PLEASE help support Yap's struggle! Sign this petition:

And say NO to corruption, wherever it raises its ugly head!
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For a "timeline" of this prolonged Yap/ETG affair, please see!
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Henry K.O. Norman

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Something terrible could happen to the pristine reefs and sensitive ecologies of the lovely Yap (Wa’ab) Islands in Micronesia, my home from 1999 through 2006… That is, IF the Chengdu (PRC) based Exhibition & Travel Group (ETG) are allowed to push forward with their ill-thought-through plans for turning Wa’ab into a playground for wealthy Chinese, into a “Pacific Lost Wages” (sorry… Las Vegas), into a new “gambling enclave” like Macau, into yet another Tibet…

The People of Yap State are strongly opposed to the ETG development plans, yet their “leaders” tell them next to nothing about the true implications of such plans, and have for reasons unknown chosen to cooperate with the resort juggernaut called ETG…

Please help! Sign this petition! Support the People of Yap State and its Concerned Citizens Group! Tell Yap State Governor Anefal that the ancient homeland, culture, and traditions of all Yapese should not be sold off to crass commercial interests!

Here are some useful links for more information:
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Henry K.O. Norman

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Found this heartwarming great photo (on Picasa) for y'all to enjoy! 
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Henry K.O. Norman

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#philosophy #astronomy

Life,on scales small and big... With a quark being to one meter what one meter is to ~10 Kly, we're like smack in the middle of it all...
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Henry K.O. Norman

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The fanged pitcher-plant (Nepenthes bicalcarata, native of Borneo) is, to my eyes, a dazzling example of the power of evolution: Its likeness to the gaping mouth of a venomous snake is uncanny (no pun intended!). This likeness could certainly provide selection pressure, scaring a veggie browser to refrain from getting closer.

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Henry K.O. Norman

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Henry K.O. Norman

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#christianity #catholicism #muslims #atheist #philippines #sweden

Please help the Philippine President Aquino to get his RH (Reproductive Health) Bill passed! It is of great importance. Some “Church leaders” argue that contraceptives are “evil”… That the RH Bill is “against God’s plan”… Incredible hubris, to claim that they KNOW what, if anything, their “God” has in store for us!
One “Church leader” (Archbishop Jose S. Palma) statement reads: “Every birth is a gift from God; every new life, a blessing; every birth a cause for rejoicing and praising God who creates new life only out of love. Our country’s positive birth rate and a population composed of mostly young people are the main players that fuel the economy.” (Source:
Another “Church leader” (Archbishop Socrates Villegas) made this unbelievable statement: “My dear youth, contraception is corruption. The use of government money, taxpayer’s money, to give out contraceptive pills is corruption [ … ] We are battling against corruption because we know it can harm your soul. Believe me, contraception harms your soul.” (Source:
Harms your soul??? How can anyone take such blatant hypocrisy seriously?
Philippines has among the highest number of teen pregnancies in the World (and among the highest in maternal mortality). More than anything, the “positive birth rate” is helping make sure that the poverty level in the country stays where it is: the shameful number of dirt poor Filipinos is what makes it possible for companies to hire workers for a measly PHP300/day (that’s ~US$7/day).
OK, so in the Bible, God says “Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the Earth” (Genesis 9:1)… With the same twisted and evil logic used by some Pinoy “priests,” doesn’t this mean that people that choose chastity are the worst “sinners”? That every time a person declines a sexual encounter, s/he commits a “sin” (since it presumably prevented a human egg from being fertilized)? Not to mention the “M” word… Come on, for God’s sake (no pun intended)! And BTW, the Earth has been “filled up” to the point of catastrophe already, so the job is DONE! Time to relax!
I have no idea what the hidden agenda of the “Church” in their fight AGAINST this life-saving and progressive RH bill may be, but is sure sounds/looks EVIL to my ears and eyes!
Representative Edcel Lagman (one of the RH bill authors (great name for a lawmaker! (I am of the Swedish persuasion ;))) stated: “Contrary to the Church’s statement that contraception is corruption, it is the denial to women of access to medically safe, legal and effective contraception which corrupts their inalienable right to health and which could lead to maternal death,” later adding that assertions like those from the clergy should be “‘condomized’ to prevent the spread of black propaganda, political intimidation and virulent malevolence.” Hear, hear!, lagman Lagman! (Source:
Anyway, PLEASE sign this petition! ESPECIALLY if you consider yourself “Christian”!
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This comment is few weeks late, but who cares, after eleven years of frustrated waiting? After the "third reading," the Philippine House and Senate finally passed (113+ 79- 7±) the controversial "RH Bill" (Reproductive Health) on December 17, 2012.

Representative Edcel Lagman, the sponsor of the bill, said that the bill was more about “human rights, maternal and infant health and sustainable development. The choice belongs to couples and women who shall freely and responsibly determine the number of their children” he told fellow lawmakers, maintaining that the bill “addresses the population issue” but was not on “population control.”

“Let us have children by choice, not by chance,” he said.

Kudos, Pinoy Reps & Senators!

Not to deny himself a chance to look silly, Bishop Gabriel Reyes said that they (the Catholic Church (!)) are planning to file a case before the Supreme Court to question the bill on the grounds that it violates religious freedom.

PS. For Swedish readers, Lagman is not Edcel's title, but his actual family name! ;)
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