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Henry K.O. Norman
MicroTech Consulting. Earthling by evolution, Swede by birth. Senior crewmember, Spaceship Earth.
MicroTech Consulting. Earthling by evolution, Swede by birth. Senior crewmember, Spaceship Earth.


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It's here again ... The "EM drive" ... Action without reaction ... This time they claim that their "proof" is "peer reviewed" ...

Here's a link to the paper:

Trying to add the above link using the "add link" icon yields "An Error Occurred Setting Your User Cookie" ...

+John Baez: In the past, you've been adamant: "The EMdrive is bogus," based on excellent arguments. Your opinion on these latest turns and twists would be much appreciated!
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I posted this question on Quora just now, about some mystical spherical objects spotted at the dead center of Nukuoro Atoll (Pohnpei State, Federated States of Micronesia). Is there perchance a G+ person that might be able to provide an answer?
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Wildlife Crossroads ...

This photo ought to have a fair chance to be nominated "Photo of the Year 2016" (if there is such an award). A moose, scared by something, ran across a Swedish meadow, surprising a hare which jumped out of the way in the opposite direction. Talk about timing!

Published in 2016-05-04 ( Photo Copyright © Hans Cronert (Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå)
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Could it be? Sure looks like it! Consider: the best go player on the DeepMind team is around 5-dan (amateur) rank. Still, what emerges from their software — out of a synthesis of their collected know-how and mastery of programming — is nothing less than a virtual go-playing pro, Al Phago (9P).

To me, that’s awfully close to what is usually called a “miracle.” As if intelligence has emerged ... Out of mindless components. Now, where have we heard this before?

In theory, human consciousness emerged once the brain’s “neural networks” (for lack of a better term) had evolved to a certain level (one hypothesis) — together with all the rest of what may have been taking place. “General intelligence” also somehow emerged, as did language.

A group of amateur dan-level go-players, creating a playing-system that performs on a level that exceeds the best DeepMind players by at least 12 levels — a 5-dan amateur needs a handicap of four stones against a shodan pro (1P) — it should not have been possible ...

Yet Al Phago is in the lead, two-nil now, increasing the third game pressure on Lee Se Dol. HFC!

Speculating that it appears possible to adapt Al Phago to play the stock market, elections, war games ... Where could this be heading? Straight to Hannes Alfvén’s 1968 vision of “The Great Computer”? (See

Boy, these are interesting times!
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Al Phago defeated Lee Se Dol 9P by resignation. Fabulous play. Completely unexpected result! I did NOT expect to see something like this in my lifetime!

The name? Seeing that this monster of mindless mimickery was able to outplay a 9-Dan professional go player as if he was just a rookie insei, DeepMind's creation should henceforth be addressed as:

Al Phago

Reference: Wikipedia (Phagocytes)

I have to bow to the DeepMind team: creating a virtual 9P go-player, much stronger than any of its programmers (even all taken together) is simply astonishing. 
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Got this from a friend this morning ... Swedish humor!

Hasse Lindström is a Swedish cartoonist that I don’t mind plugging on the net! Check out more of his stuff on Laugh_Without_Borders ( Swedish only (so far), but if plusses so indicate, I'll keep posting translations!

Apologies to Hans if my interpretation missed the mark ...
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Genius? Fraud? Mythomaniac? Brilliant surgeon? Con man? Hero?

Karoliska Institute’s guest professor from-famous-to-infamous experimental surgeon Paolo Macchiarini makes not-so-positive headlines around the world... Here’s some background to Vanity Fair’s story:

2012-03-07: Recipient of synthetic trachea dies (Source:

2012-09-28: Prof. Macchiarini arrested in Italy – driven justice? From the article: “The worldwide acknowledged surgeon Paolo Macchiarini, researcher and medical doctor operating in Karolinska Institutet, was arrested in Italy this week. He has to respond to a number of charges, among which attempt of fraud and exaction. Police waited for him outside the operating theater in the Careggi Hospital (Florence – Italy) where the surgeon was working, and then escorted him at home, where is now forced to stay till future notice.” (Source: (

2013-06-08: Toddler dies after experimental operation (

2015-01-22: A Meredith Vieira Special: A Leap of Faith “Paolo Macchiarini is a controversial surgeon who pushes the medical envelope, doing experimental transplants that nobody else in the world is yet willing to try. But is this doctor taking dangerous chances with his desperate patients?” (Source: (NBC Dateline video:

2015-05-27: Karolinska releases English translation of misconduct report on trachea surgeon. From the article: “The investigator, Bengt Gerdin, professor emeritus of surgery at Uppsala University, examined six papers about the patients and one on animal tests of the procedure and found multiple problems that he deemed serious enough to constitute misconduct, including inaccurate descriptions of the condition of patients at the time of publication and stating that ethical permission had been obtained for the work although there is none on record.” (Source:

2015-08-28: Karolinska Institutet clears trachea surgeon of misconduct charges. From the article “The decision, announced this morning by Vice-Chancellor Anders Hamsten, disagrees with the conclusion of a report by an independent investigator, released in May, which did find that Macchiarini had committed misconduct.” (Source:

2015-08-28: Macciarini cleared of misconduct, but ... From the article: “The Karolinska Institute has investigated at least some of the charges and now reportedly has exonerated him. This is a particularly striking outcome because just a few months ago in May a separate, independent investigator (surgeon Dr. Bengt Gerdin) had concluded that the misconduct had in fact occurred.” (Source: (

2016-01-05: How an NBC News Producer Was Wooed by “the Extreme Form of a Con Man” From the article: “Then the wedding invitations arrived: Sheathed in lambskin and engraved with the initials B&P, the invitations were addressed to, among others, the Obamas, the Clintons, the Putins, the Sarkozys, Andrea Bocelli, Kofi Annan, Russell Crowe, Elton John, John Legend, Kenny Rogers, Meredith Vieira, and His Holiness Pope Francis. Of course, Pope Francis was going to perform the ceremony, because, after all, Macchiarini was his personal physician. [... ] But it was all a scam. No Pope. No Bocelli. No Obamas, or Clintons. No wedding. The groom [Paolo Macciarini], after all, was already married to someone else.” (Source: (

2016-01-13: Swedish TV Documentary: The Experiments: Celebrity Surgeon From the article (Swedish): “Är han ett geni – eller en bedragare? Forskaren som är på väg att lösa en av medicinens stora gåtor? Eller hjärnan bakom en av de värsta medicinska skandalerna som drabbat Sverige?”
Translation: “Is he a genius- or a fraud? The scientist who is about to solve one of the great mysteries of medicine? Or the brains behind one of the worst medical scandals that hit Sweden?” (Source: (

2016-01-27: An article in Karolinska Institute’s journal Medical Science (published 2013) not retracted, but ... a headnote was added: “We have received requests to remove the article, but we have decided not to as it is vital that our historic actions are transparent to the public. The researcher and medical doctor Paolo Macchiarini has been and is subject to internal and external investigations as well as scrutiny from the media.” (Source:, (

2016-01-29: Karolinska is an Ethical Chernobyl (Source: article in Lä (Swedish Medical Journal), (in Swedish))

2016-01-29: Karolinska Institutet may reopen ethics inquiry into work of pioneering surgeon (Source: (

2016-01-29: Paolo Macchiarini may be cleared by Karolinska, but not by his peers. (Source: (

2016-01-30: Karolinska Institutet publishes “Comment on the TV documentary ‘Experimenten’,” KI may reopen scientific misconduct investigation of Paolo Macchiarini. (Source: (

Related articles (in Swedish):

“Vad som händer med hans anställning vid KI är för tidigt att säga”Anders Hamsten (Rektor, Karolinska Institutet)
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This seemingly insignificant event — a computer program besting a human at a board game — could well turn out to represent a historical breakthrough for AI (Artificial Intelligence) and "neural networks":
A go playing program — AlphaGo, developed by a Go(ogle) team of programmers at MindGame, London — has beaten the European go champion, China-born Fan Hui, with a shut-out 5-0 result! In even game matches (no handicap stones)!

A-stone-ishi-ng (go fans may get the triple pun)!

Having played go since 1972 (thanks, +Bert Rubaszkin), I have always thought this could NEVER be done. As in Not Ever (well, I've been wrong before). For those of you familiar with the ancient game of Ba Duk (Wei Chi, Igo, Go), what do you think? Is this mind-boggling news, or what?

One of the best go players in the world, Korean 이세돌 (Yi Sae Tol), 9-Dan pro, has accepted a challenge to play a series of five games, slated for March this year. I'll be there! And I'm willing to wager that AlphaGo will be beaten. The European Champion is a strong player, but 이세돌 선생님 (Master Yi Sae Tol) is definitely playing on a different level altogether! Here are (some of) his very impressive achievements, to date:

And here's a brilliant game record (Yi Se Tol 9P vs. Lee Chang Ho 9P). In Korean, no subtitles, but the moves speak loudly for those of you that know go (in Korea,the name of the game is "Ba Duk," which roughly means "hand talk"):
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In the Philippine Isles, San Miguel means Good Beer,
So we've brim-filled our tankards, and bring on a cheer!
Good ol’ friends ‘round the globe — be you distant or near:
Best of health to y’all, and a Happy New Year!
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This sounds pretty big. It will be very interesting to follow the development as it proceeds!
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