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Let's not forget the #WorldWarZ #SuperBowl Spot... I'm going to see this!
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I want to see it to but why spend all that money for a superbowl spot when the full trailer/commercial has already been aired on TV for a couple months now? 
Seriously must be nice lol. But it is kind of a waste of money IMO. It's not even that it's been airing on TV for awhile now...the trailers been available online for like 6 months now....and online is their best way of getting the demographic for this movie. 
I get what you're saying but if tonight was the first time a person heard about this movie or saw the trailer.....they're not the demographic. 
I know what you mean +Justin Krezelak but with over 100 million viewers, there's no bigger captive TV audience. That's why Time Warner ran with The Walking Dead ad too... Zombies = Male Demo
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