The 80's madness continues tonight @ 7pm (EST). I'd like to thank the following folks for jumpin' on this crazy 80's train with me and making #the1980s  trend for 2 nights in a row here on Google+. It's been awesome!

#the1980s  on G+ rockin' thanks to: +Alexandra Bakker +Amanda Moore +April Smiley +Cass Morrison +Christopher Wells +Cliff Loresco +Connie York +Eric Strate +George Rowe +James DeHoniesto +Karen Schumacher +Kyle McBride +LAURIE WADE +Liza Morales +Luis Roca +matthew rappaport +Michael Pope +Patricia Armstrong +Paul Spoerry +Ralph Uy +Rashmi Mistry +Sandra DB +Shannon Shoffner +shawn parker +shorty shorty +stephanie wanamaker +Sue Mosher and many many others!
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