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Steam extremely slow to load.

First page says "Steam Summer Sale".

I close Steam.

Wallet thanks me.

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Just an excellent help at the table. Wish there was a Swedish option in it as well. 
The brilliant Ilario Del Sorbo has produced a Symbaroum app for both iOS and Android, now available from App & Play Store (just search Symbaroum). The current version includes all abilities, powers, rituals, boons and burdens and features the option to assign them to a named character/NPC for easy access. So... what are you waiting for?

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The one that is fastest gets it

Stellaris on Steam:

If you claim it, post a comment about it taken.

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Another one hour review, this time PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS

A quick summary: A very well done, King-of-the-Hill game.

Has its roots in the Battle Royal mod for ARMA 3 but is more fast paced and viscious. The Unreal engine renders the environment in gorgeous detail without bogging down a semi-powerful computer too much.

Fast games that are over in 20 minutes, also possibility to play in 2 or 4-men team makes it a nice coop as well.

The cons with the game in its current state is that is an Early Access which means a bit unstable behaviour, some people has big problems with drop in FPS and there is occasionally a lot of rubber banding. Also the price is a bit high, currently 29.99 EUR but compared to many other Alphas/Early Access this game is quite polished and has a good amount of content already.

But overall I must recommend it, really fun and has that "just one more time" appeal.

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Last night - my old heroes Depeche Mode started their world tour in Stockholm. They may be older, they may be grayer but they still know how to make 37 000 people sing along
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DTRPG's new standalone app for syncing RPG-library locally and on DTRPG is a something I've waited for, for a long time. No more hassle to keep all PDFs updated and readily available.

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Today I played my first game in the local Blood Bowl league. A loss for my humans against Skaven but if doesn't kill you it strenghtens you. Unfortunately one of my linemen died. 
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One really good car ad. See to the end.

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Badassery on roughly the level of 9000

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2017 starts of in the same vein as 2016.

Another great person dead, way to soon.

(Hans Rosling has died at 68 by pancreatic cancer)
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